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Implementing a vigorous social media strategy will not only propel your brand awareness to the next level, it can catapult loads of organic traffic to your website from search. Your website’s SEO performance can benefit from your social media accounts, so getting clicks from social shares, paid advertisements, or having a highly engaged audience is always worth the effort it takes to maintain.

Many social media agencies don’t utilize the opportunities a social presence offers to boost search engine rankings, but Linkgraph knows the right way to incorporate a comprehensive SEO strategy with our social media savvy.

Whether you haven’t seen good ROI with your paid social media advertising or you’re struggling to manage daily posts and respond to audience engagements, our social media marketers can work with a debut or existing online presence to quickly boost your SEO performance and accumulate a loyal following of potential customers and fans.

Our social media marketers partner with our content marketing team members to develop a social media strategy that generates recognition and community response. Whatever your target audience or niche, all elements of our social media campaigns are empowered by the insights of our proprietary social media software. As a full service SEO and digital marketing agency, we provide the full range of social media services to drive better search engine results.

At linkgraph, we have a proven track record of using data and content creation to build followings, grow brands, and move websites up the search results.

Social Specialties

Growth-Driven Social Media Strategy

We rely on analytics to inform our social media campaigns to help your sites grow quickly and meet your business goals faster. Our social media marketing focuses on creating an influx of followers that immediately boost your social media presence. Our in-house team of SEO experts knows the best way to maximum impact by driving traffic to your website, improving appearances in search results, and building your brand awareness in short periods of time.

Paid Social Advertising Management

If Facebook ads are a part of your advertising strategy, we want to make sure you're using the right keywords and getting the most from your bottom line. From media buying to graphic design, our comprehensive digital marketing experience informs our Facebook ad targeting, creation, optimization, and remarketing. We perform ad copy testing to make sure your advertising campaigns will be successful across social media channels before they run.

Linkgraph also specializes in PPC and Google Ads marketing campaigns. Learn more about how our digital marketing project managers can benefit your startup or small business with a PPC/AdWords pricing model that fits your marketing budget.

Platforms that fit your Personality

Don't have a Facebook page or a Linkedin for your business? Could you profit from a Pinterest? Maybe snapchat is more your speed. If you're stumped on all things social, your social media presence may be skewed to the wrong social platform. Our software helps identify the social media pages that your target audience is already actively following and engaging with. We utilize those analytics to get you to the right social platform, an effective strategy that will help you launch a powerful social media marketing campaign.

Social Media Data and Analytics

Regardless of the breadth of your social media channels, we rely on data to guide all of our campaigns and to gain the most SEO benefit from social media efforts. Our digital marketing strategists are also SEO experts who design your digital campaigns with search metrics in mind. We capitalize on the search data that's relevant to your own business or industry niche to drive traffic and spark revenue growth.

Social Platform Monitoring and Community Management

Our software allows you to schedule your posts in advance so your social media platforms are occupied with a steady stream of content and engagements. In addition to our content calendars, your marketing campaign is monitored by our dedicated social media managers, who gain an intricate understanding of your social media networks, followers, brand voice, and audience engagement. We establish a level of trust with our clients that makes us an ideal partner for social media management services.

Case Study
The Client:

A software startup

The Challenge:

Use social media sites to boost visibility for a startup with minimal social media presence, a small follower base, and limited content for social shares and engagements.content

The Method:

Analyze social followings of industry competitors and target those social users through Facebook Advertisements. Ramp up production of social content and website content to satisfy an influx of new followers. Drive traffic from social engagements to high converting landing pages.

The Results:
New followers
Increase in site traffic through social ads
Increase in conversion rates from social shares


What is social media management?
Social media management is the process of content creation, data analysis, social engagements and post scheduling on social sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, or Tumblr blogs.
Why should my social efforts be SEO optimized?
Although social media activity is not a Google ranking factor, social media plays an indirect role in driving organic traffic to your site. With the guidance of a social media management team that understands search metrics, your social media networks can do more work for you in better accomplishing long-term goals that boost domain authority and website visibility in search.
What's included in your social media campaigns?
We tailor all of our campaigns to the individual growth and revenue goals of our clients. Because we are a full-service SEO and digital marketing agency, we have the flexibility to customize our services to the marketing channels and marketing budget that best serve your business goals.
What if I have my own Social Media team, but want help with SEO?
Great! If you already have a small team managing your social posts, we can offer our data-driven SEO expertise to figure out more strategic ways to drive traffic to your site through social shares and PPC/AdWords campaigns. If you think your website could use an SEO audit, we offer a variety of technical audits to diagnose the ways your current marketing strategies, web development, or technical SEO basics may be hindering your growth efforts.
Web Design and Web Development
We believe the foundation of good SEO performance lies in intelligent web design and development. Our design experts can help reform your website to be a better place for your users to arrive via social shares or paid advertising campaigns. Creating better pathways between your social sites and best performing landing pages can be the difference your site needs to redirect clicks to the highest-converting places.
Link-Building and Outreach
At Linkgraph, we specialize in white-hat link building strategies that earn contextually relevant links in reputable publications with a highly engaged audience. If you are a new or small business, link-building may be a strategic way to accelerate your website's visibility and growth.
Technical SEO and Website Audits
We offer a variety of SEO audits to diagnose the challenges your website faces in earning traffic and increasing conversions.