SaaS companies have strategic goals. Our SaaS marketing agency will help your sales team earn more qualified leads and increase conversions in less time.

SEO & Growth Marketing

SaaS is a competitive marketplace. Whether you’re a software startup or an enterprise-level organization, we’ve helped brands of all sizes improve their keyword rankings, drive qualified traffic, and improve their conversions with SEO and paid media campaigns in just a few short months.

High-Quality Link Building

As an award-winning link building agency, we specialize in high domain authority links that build your site authority with users and search engines. All of our original content appears on industry-specific publications that you’ll be proud to be associated with. Safely increase your site authority and reputation with the best practices of white-hat backlink building.

Content Marketing

Our content marketing team will create high-quality, linkable website assets that meet the needs of your potential customers, perform well in search, and build your brand reputation. Our original, engaging, search-friendly content will help drive more traffic and establish your software company as an authority and expert in your industry vertical.

Lead Generation & Conversion

Through strategic keyword targeting, data-driven PPC campaigns, and conversion-optimized landing pages, we help drive qualified leads to your site. Lower your cost-per-lead and increase your digital marketing ROI with higher quality clicks and conversions. From lead capture forms to strategic web design, we transform your website into a conversion machine.

SEO Software

All of our B2B and SaaS clients have access to our proprietary SEO and digital marketing software. Empower your SaaS company to implement the best practices of SEO across the entirety of your SaaS business.

Technical SEO

Our digital marketers are technical SEO experts. From HTML tags, internal links, page load times, and site architecture, we make sure every part of your website is efficiently crawled and indexed by search engines. Track the impact of our optimizations in real-time with your easy-interface customer dashboard.

Web Design & Development

Our web development, design, and UI/UX team transforms SaaS websites into conversion machines. We study user behavior to ensure your website provides optimal page experience and produces tangible results for your brand. Whether you want more demos, bookings, or sales consultations, our data-driven approach will turn increased traffic into increased revenue.
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Case Studies

We know what it takes to help SaaS companies grow. We become experts on your SaaS platform, industry, and competitors to create a tailored strategy that produces results fast. Check out our case studies to learn more about how we have helped generate qualified leads and revenue for SaaS brands of all sizes.
“I'm seeing results on this project after only a few months with LinkGraph. We’ve tried other agencies for years, and they haven’t been able to achieve what LinkGraph has for us."
Shawn, CEO
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“Linkgraph took a very targeted approach and dramatically improved our keyword rankings from page 20 or 40 to page 1 or 2. Their creative, strategic approach and the intelligence of their team members is beyond what other companies in the space can provide.”
Ted Hunting
SVP of Marketing, Bright Pattern
What is SaaS SEO?

Software as a Service companies have unique goals. Our SEO agency specializes in the marketing strategy that helps new and enterprise-level SaaS companies build their site authority, online visibility, and earn more qualified traffic. With our data-driven growth strategy, we have helped hundreds of SaaS businesses expand their market share and outperform their leading competitors in less time.

How is SEO strategy different for SaaS companies?

Most SaaS companies have a sales cycle that lasts far beyond the first click, capture form, or demo booking. At LinkGraph, we understand the complexity of advertising SaaS platforms, and we use competitor analysis to become experts in your industry, product, and ideal buyers. We target the highest-value keywords that will bring you site high-value traffic that is ready to convert.

What are common digital marketing challenges for SaaS websites?

Because the products and services of SaaS companies are industry-specific, many sites struggle to get the traffic, clicks, and leads from users who are ready to purchase their services right now. For this reason, it is even more essential for SaaS companies to have a data-driven, individualized keyword strategy as well as highly-targeted paid media campaigns to make the most of digital marketing budget and see positive ROI. Our digital marketing agency has worked with multiple SaaS companies to earn higher-quality clicks and traffic, getting your service or product in front of the right users.

What do your inbound marketing services include?

We provide keyword research, technical optimizations, content marketing, link building, reputation management, paid media services and more. We are a full scale SaaS marketing agency and can provide all of the digital marketing services your SaaS company needs to earn new buyers and reach your revenue goals.

How do your PPC campaigns differ for Saas brands?

Because the sales cycle is often much longer for B2B and SaaS businesses, understanding the true value of your paid media campaigns requires a more integrated analytics system between your Google Ads data and your sales team. Our paid media services not only include creating scalable, profitable paid media campaigns, but we ensure your CRM is fully integrated with your Google Ads data through a closed-loop analytics system, empowering your team to understand the value of every click. Our optimized PPC landing pages increase conversions and bookings, providing your sales team more opportunities to complete the sales funnel.

Can you help my site increase conversions?

Our web design and development team provides conversion-focused design to help SaaS brands turn qualified leads into conversions. We utilize A/B and multivariate testing to determine user behavior across your website and implement more strategic CTAs, fonts, colors, rich media, and information architecture that helps your potential customers have the best experience of your site. Our optimized PPC landing pages have direct relevance to search queries to make the most out of every click and improve conversions from your paid media campaigns.

Can you help my B2B or B2C company with keyword research?

Our proprietary keyword difficulty score has helped hundreds of B2B brands identify the most profitable ranking opportunities. Our SaaS marketing strategy focuses on helping your brand compete and outrank top competitors with careful keyword selection.

Do you work with other companies besides SaaS brands?

Absolutely. We are a full-scale digital marketing agency and have worked with hundreds of brands across industry spectrums from SaaS, insurance, law, medical, ecommerce, and more. You don’t need to have an SaaS platform to work with us. Whether you’re a small local business, ecommerce site, or enterprise-level organization, we have the experience and tailored strategy to help your site reach your unique growth and revenue goals.

I'm new to SEO. Where should I start?

At LinkGraph, we love creating content to help sites expand their seo and digital marketing education. Check out our learning hub to find long-form articles, ebooks, and webinars for practical insights on how to improve your strategy.