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Why do brands need a reputation management strategy?

Maintaining a positive brand reputation is an essential part of any marketing strategy, but no brand has full control of how they are written about or perceived online. Getting negative attention on the internet can happen suddenly and be difficult to anticipate, but negative content or bad reviews do have major consequences for brands, particularly if they show up in online searches. Reputation management companies monitor brand mentions on web pages and mitigate the damage that negative content may cause. Through SEO, public relations, link building and other strategies, reputation managers can help shape online narratives by influencing the content that appears in top search engine results.

Why clients love LinkGraph

Reputation Management SEO
We use SEO to protect your brand's reputation in the search results and promote your positive digital assets across the web.
Digital Public Relations
Our digital PR team will use original, quality content to elevate your brand value with marquee press, publications, and backlinks.
Managed Online Reviews
Outsource your review management. We'll handle those negative comments and improve your positive reviews across all relevant review websites.
Social Media Monitoring
We guide your brand perception across every social media platform. Make sure your social media presence projects a positive image.
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Our Approach to Reputation Management

Monitored Search Results
Backlink Building & Digital PR
Managed Reputation Campaigns
White Label Online Reputation Management
Content Strategy
Social Media Management
Comprehensive Tools
Third-Party Review Sites

The most important digital location on the internet for your company is the first page of Google. An overwhelming majority of internet journeys begin with a search engine, so if your company has a negative article or review appearing on the first page, it can have a significant impact on your business reputation with website visitors, potential customers, and even prospective employees. There are so many different websites where your brand can receive positive or negative press, so it’s important that only the most positive digital assets end up ranking on the first page for search terms that include your brand name.

At LinkGraph, we closely monitor search results for the keyword queries or search terms with your brand name. Then, we use SEO techniques to drive up positive assets and drive down any negative content that may impact your reputation with future customers. As a full-service SEO company, we operate at scale and can implement these techniques across multiple web pages and for hundreds of search terms. We’ll make sure only positive results appear on the first page of the SERPs.

Reputation management SEO is one of the best ways to protect and maintain a positive reputation for your own website or brand. The good news is, the majority of users never journey past the first page of the SERPs, meaning as long as those top ten results portray your brand in a positive light, it is unlikely that negative content will impact customer sentiment or their purchase decisions.

Online reputation management has little to do with your on-site content and everything to do with the kind of image your brand has off-site. But the reality is, no brand has full control of what others publish about them online. For that reason, link building becomes an even more critical brand management tool. Whether you want to build links to your own pages or to those off-site digital locations that feature positive narratives about your brand like news sites, we can launch high-sale link building campaigns to help move up any of those digital assets in the SERPs.

Many large brands often keep their content marketing strategy in-house, but with hundreds to thousands of off-site digital locations that include references to their company name, managing all of them requires the help of an online reputation management company or reputation management software. Through reverse SEO strategies, we can push negative results lower, protecting your brand and key stakeholders from any negative associations.

PR firms can get you positive press, but it takes expertise with search algorithms to make sure that positive coverage ranks higher in Google, the first place where new customers go to seek information about your brand. Site authority is the number one ranking factor on Google, so if your brand receives positive press in a publication with high DA, it will likely rank on the first page. If you have other digital assets that you would like to see with higher rankings, we can use high-quality content to build links to those pages.

If you’re ready to dive into a strategic partnership with a reputation company, we can offer a complete online reputation management campaign tailored to improve your company’s online reputation from wherever it currently stands. Whether you’re a new website that needs to grow, or an enterprise-level brand that needs scaled monitoring, we are the best online reputation management company for organizations of all sizes. Unlike other reputation management agencies, we don’t require long-term contracts or unnecessary setup fees.

As a LinkGraph client, you will also have access to our proprietary SEO software so you can improve the search performance of your company’s website and implement the most important SEO tactics across every level of your organization. Our online reputation management firm operates as a full-service digital marketing agency, so beyond ORM, we can offer keyword research, content strategy, website design, local SEO, paid media management, and more with our reputation services.

Our proactive approach to ORM always keeps the searcher in mind, as Google is the long-term way to shape a positive brand image. With so many defamers on the web, every company is bound to receive some negative opinions at some point, but proactively monitoring Google results page will help make sure that the negativity doesn’t ever become more permanent.

If you’re a marketing agency that wants to offer online reputation repair to your clients, we operate as white label service provider and reseller. Some marketing agencies don’t have the resources or reputation management tools to build, manage, or repair a client’s reputation, so we offer those services white label so you can resell them to your customers for profit.

Any of LinkGraph’s search engine reputation management tactics can be offered with completely white label reporting. Make your clients happy with positive results in the SERPs, great reviews, backlinks, media relations and more, sourced from our reputable firm, but all with your digital marketing agency branding.

Whether you’re a marketing or public relations agency, our white label reputation management service can improve your clients’ business reputation across many digital locations. Offer your current clients more options to respond to negative publicity with LinkGraph’s white label solution.

There are so many content marketing opportunities that can build or improve reputations, so content creation is one of the most critical ORM strategies. Guest blogging, contributing writer opportunities, founder interviews and biographies, or profiles on top executives can all be pitched to authoritative publications like Forbes and Entrepreneur and bring tons of reputation power.

This type of content is not only great for your reputation building, but also for engine optimization overall. High-quality content can earn you backlinks, additional keyword rankings, as well as social shares across platforms like Pinterest, LInkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. The good thing about an aggressive reputation management strategy is that it benefits every other part of your digital strategy.

At LinkGraph, we offer content strategy at scale and can produce hundreds of pieces of content for your brand for either backlink building, on-site content, or digital PR opportunities in marquee publications. If a negative experience results in bad press, a robust content marketing response can help mitigate the damage.

Our online reputation management team also monitors social media profiles, posts, forums, and alerts for mentions of your brand or business name. We review relevant online communities to gauge customer experience and buyers’ satisfaction with your products or services. If negative items or trends emerge, we take the public relations steps to encourage more positive online conversations around your business name and use social media marketing to help restore your social media accounts to good standing.

The good news is that social media signals do not play as large of a role in brand reputation as other types of digital assets. The reason being is because social media posts and comments don’t end up permanently making their way onto Google’s search engine result pages, which is where customers go to discover new products or services or to conduct research about a brand or service provider.

Although negative attention on social media platforms can certainly be frustrating, it is far more temporary than bad search results because Google’s algorithm includes recency signals that eventually drive them way from ranking after a few days. There are multiple versions of online reputation management software that can help monitor social media mentions of your own brand, but any reputation management firm should be considering social media attention your brand receives online.

Our proprietary software suite is great for both new sites and well-established brands. Perform keyword research, review your backlink profile, and improve your on-page SEO elements like title tags, meta descriptions, blog posts and landing pages. Add LSI terms to your relevant content with the help of our content optimizer tool, check your domain authority, and more.

Our tools can also help with your ORM efforts. You can use our copy optimizer to improve the on-page content of those business profiles you can edit — like online review sites or social media pages. It’s an easy way to get these pages ranking higher for branded searches and shape your business’s reputation with customers. In addition, our backlink analyzer can help you identify link building opportunities in your industry where you can earn new backlinks or positive press coverage.

For any web page to get into the first results, site owners need to have the right tools and automation. If you’re not in the position to hire a reputation management agency or public relations firm due to budget, you can take some proactive reputation management steps in the meantime. Set up an account at to access the tools. A little bit of on-page optimization can go a long way in customer retention and overall reputation.

Online reviews will make or break local businesses. Third-party review sites skew toward negativity, and Google will not rank those websites with bad reviews. With our review management services, we earn you more positive reviews by encouraging your happy customers to provide customer feedback on the major review sites in your industry, from Yelp to Facebook reviews on your business page. For the review sites that rank on Google’s first page, we help showcase 5 star ratings and the most positive reviews of your small business or brand.

Third-party review sites often rank on the first page of Google results. Reputation monitoring includes making sure your online profiles on those review websites include accurate business information and showcase positive experiences from your customers, and don’t feature any fake reviews. If you’re in a niche market with unique review sites, we make sure to monitor reviews on the most important site where internet users look for reputation analysis for businesses like yours.

Positive online reviews play a significant role in customer’s perception as well as search engine rankings. If you’re a franchise or business with multiple locations, we can focus on any local market where your reviews need improvement. Any dissatisfied customer who leaves a bad review or 1-star reviews can have a greater impact than you might first think, so our reputation management campaigns focus on identifying each negative review and taking the necessary steps to minimize their impact.

Reputation Management Basics

Branded Search Results
Brand Building
Backlink Acquisition
Better Reviews

We monitor the search results pages to ensure only positive content ranks for any queries that include your brand name. Search engines like Google and Bing are where potential customers will most likely get their first impression of your business, so it’s important that the top ranking results for all of those search terms project your expertise, credibility, and legitimacy. Certain third-party sites that may mention your brand name can easily rank on the first page, so we monitor them as well, like online review sites, Wikipedia Pages, Google Image results, articles in reputable newspapers and more.

For brand new sites and startups that want to grow quickly, our digital marketing agency can build your reputation quickly across multiple online channels. From getting your website listed across online directories to improve local search appearances, to generating review requests for happy customers, there are many affordable ways to build your reputation. Put your best foot forward with a fully managed SEO campaign that aggressively promotes growth across every online channel. We’ll make sure there is no gap in your approach, so your brand can grow in legitimacy within a few short months.

The first thing any new site should pursue is a strong SEO strategy if they want to appear at the top of any result page, and that includes link building at scale. Depending on the specific product or services you offer, we will determine which publications to target to guarantee better results. With every backlink, we focus on contextual anchor text in authoritative publications that can create new ranking opportunities, mitigate negative press, or drive down negative search results in the SERPs.

We manage third-party review sites like Yelp, TrustPilot, and Google My Business, as well as  local listings for accuracy and negative reviews. We then encourage and solicit good reviews and customer feedback from your most satisfied clients. For local companies, negative posts or testimonials on review sites or business lists can cause permanent reputation damage. We become the biggest promoter of your company’s reputation to ensure the best reviews and 5-star reviews keep showing up on those third-party sites.

Benefits of Reputation Management

Brand Awareness
Overall brand awareness is not easy to measure, which is why performance-based efforts are usually better for brands on smaller budgets. However, reputation management is more focused on the overall "feelings," or "sentiments," surrounding a brand. Seeing a brand logo on an infographic or seeing an executives name in a byline can all work together to improve brand awareness with customers who may be unfamiliar with you.
SEO Performance
Digital marketing statistics tell us that brands who invest in SEO are better-positioned to succeed in the long-term. The elevation or suppression of certain digital locations all comes through the fundamental building blocks of SEO. Working with a reputation agency that also specializes in SEO strategy like LinkGraph has ripple effects on the quality of your own website's overall search performance.
Lead Generation
The efforts to improve brand reputation by securing new press coverage, 5-star reviews, and backlinks also create ways to bring new leads to your site to consider your products or services. A great guest blogger opportunity, article feature, or interview can have a wildfire effect by also producing customers through social networks or site traffic that arrives through links back to your site in those article placements.

Reputation Management Process

Grow your reputation with better results in the search engine results pages. Through link building, on-page optimization, social media sites, local SEO, enterprise SEO and more, you can improve your reputation with relevance to more keyword search terms related to your products, services, or your brand name.
If your business is well established but growing beyond the point where you can manage your online reputation in house, our digital marketing agency can help monitor, protect, and prepare your company for any reputation attack or mishap. We use SEO to manage your reputation with customers across all online platforms and digital locations.
If a PR crisis unfolds, reputation managers can help identify the digital locations that have negative content and do the work to quickly repair them through SEO, content strategy, and other reputation management techniques. With so many places on the internet where a reputation can be tarnished, having a team of people ready to go to work is essential for any large brand.
Reputation Management Ebook
For a more detailed discussion of what services reputation managers offer, the mechanics of SEO reputation management, and a list of all the places that your site can be tarnished or built up in the vast digital landscape, read our ebook on reputation management. Learn how you can use SEO t