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Conversion Rate Optimization: Turn Traffic into Revenue

Linkgraph’s CRO team utilizes analytics and A/B testing to improve conversion rates on your site.

Why choose LinkGraph for Conversion Rate Optimization?

Linkgraph’s designers utilize data analytics to best understand how users engage with and explore your site. Unlike other firms, our design goals move beyond beautiful interfaces and memorable experiences and center on conversion. We incorporate user journey data to create resourceful UI/UXs that will increase your conversion rates without sacrificing the visual or experiential quality of your site.

Striking User Interfaces for Peak Engagement

Our process begins by collaborating with your team to ensure your brand personality is uniquely reflected in each part of your user interface. With a keen eye for visual design, our talented design team can retool your UI for better brand cohesion or completely reform your digital platform. We specialize in modern, functional, SEO-optimized style guides with interactive, striking composition. Our interfaces are designed to improve user engagement, increase conversion rates, and capitalize on the user interactions that will best accomplish your business goals.

Refined User Experience for Stunning Exploration

Informed by the principles of information architecture, we create logical, intuitive user-flows that provide stunning exploration experiences on web, desktop, and mobile platforms. Our UI/UX designers will construct your content navigation to operate in tandem with the brand identity communicated through your interface. Our goal is to fuel natural, intuitive browsing across your site so users complete their user journey with a strong sense of your expertise, professional presence, and brand authority. Finally, we use data analytics to ensure your site architecture leads to conversions, all the while reinforcing your brand messaging across the entire product design.

What’s the difference between UI and UX?

Although you may hear the terms used interchangeably, both the user interface and user experience play distinct roles in how users interact with websites. The UI refers to anything the user can see — visual elements like the site layout, overall design, use of colors, placement of text icons, or animated graphics. Any element of the website that the user can interact with makes up the interface, and it’s important to consider how the style and design details of each can impact the user’s experience.

The user experience refers to how the product feels. If users leave your website feeling frustrated and confused, it likely means the website has bad UX. Often, a website can look visually striking but forgo important content navigation elements that help users seamlessly explore all of the content the site has to offer. The UX should have a logical “user flow,” allowing users to easily journey through the web pages to reach their final goal — to find content, purchase a product, or sign up for a service. This is known as the site-architecture, a fundamental element to any smart UX design.

Ideally, your UI/UX should have a cohesive style guide that remains consistent across all of the landing pages on your site. The design language used to communicate the brand voice should remain consistent as well. Lastly, the user experience should create a seamless path for the user. All aspects of site exploration should feel natural and intuitive.

Despite their nuanced meanings, the two are intricately entwined. If a website is difficult to look at, then it is likely difficult to use. When a user interface is striking, clean, and stunning in appearance, it naturally leads to a more memorable feeling when navigating through the pages. An artful consideration of both elements leads to smart website design. Linkgraph equally considers both in our design work.

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From SaaS companies and tech startups, to enterprise-level organizations, we’ve helped brands of all sizes crush their growth and revenue goals by redesigning the UI/UX of their websites.
“Linkgraph took a very targeted approach and dramatically improved our keyword rankings from page 20 or 40 to page 1 or 2. Their creative, strategic approach and the intelligence of their team members is beyond what other companies in the space can provide.”
Ted Hunting
SVP of Marketing, Bright Pattern
How do I know if my UI/UX needs an update?

If you get frustrated updating content to your website, it’s likely that your users are frustrated too. If you’ve recently added landing pages that don’t match the style guide of your home page, you may benefit from a UI/UX update. If it’s been several years since you’ve made any design changes at all, it’s likely time for an overhaul. Remember, web interfaces and applications are constantly making updates of their own, and you want to make sure that your website is keeping up.

In general, your Google Search Console can tell you quite a bit about whether your UI/UX are working for or against your behalf. If you’re still not sure, consider one of our UI/UX audits. Our SEO and design experts can troubleshoot your site and determine what changes would most benefit your users, your search rankings, and your bottom line.

Why does it matter that my UI/UX is SEO-optimized?

Websites with strong UI/UX are more likely to rank in search engines. Google ranks sites based on factors like how long visitors stay or how many pages they navigate per session. Poorly designed UI/UX can lead to a higher bounce rate, because users who arrive through search might not stay long if the interface is difficult to interact with or navigate.

Plus, Google doesn’t want to show their search users websites that provide a bad experience. Therefore, they will penalize those sites where users don’t appear to be hanging around for long. Poorly designed UI/UX is not only inconvenient for your users, it can significantly harm your ability to be discovered through search!

With all of our designs, we ensure that the site architecture is easy for Google to crawl and index. We ensure keywords and search terms are placed in the optimal location of your site layout. Lastly, we make sure our designs are visually striking and interactive. Regardless of whether your users arrive directly through your url or stumble upon your site through search, we want to make sure they can’t help but take some time to explore.

Can I talk to a UI/UX Design expert?

Of course! You can reach us by phone (929)-377-1035 or schedule a consultation with a Linkgraph expert.

What if I like my website design and only need help with my content?

We can help with that too! We offer complete landing page design services. If you need to implement a more consistent design language across your landing pages, our content marketers and creators and make your sure brand voice consistently shines through.

If you want to optimize your landing page copy for search, try our copy optimizer tool! It’s simple to use and completely free!

What other SEO services do you offer?

LinkGraph is a full service SEO and digital marketing agency. Schedule a call to learn more about the other ways we can help you optimize.