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Page Speed Optimization Services

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What is Page Speed Optimization?

Page speed optimization is the process of optimizing your web pages for faster load times and performance signals on desktop and mobile devices. Website optimization involves working on both the front end and back end of a website to ensure page speed best practices. With site speed optimization, you can create a better user experience and better meet Google's page speed standards.

Faster Load Speeds

We optimize your web pages to ensure they load quickly for visitors and meet Google's Core Web Vitals standards.

Better User Experience

Nobody likes a slow website. Faster websites make for a better experience for your users and potential customers.

Improved Search Engine Ranking

Google likes to promote fast-loading web pages in the SERPs. Website Optimization can elevate your SEO performance.

Higher Conversion Rates

Research shows that users are more likely to stay on your website and convert when pages load faster.

What's included in a page speed optimization service?

Our service starts by auditing your web pages for page speed and core web vitals, including largest contentful paint, first input delay, and cumulative layout shift. Through audits and speed tests, we can diagnose what is slowing down your website and causing delays in load time. Then, we optimize the items on the page (text, images, videos, etc.) as well as backend HTML elements to ensure your landing pages exceed Google pagespeed standards.

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Does My Website Need Site Speed Optimization?

There are several ways for webmasters to test the speed of their landing pages. First, Google's Pagespeed Insights tool will provide you a 1-100 score. You can also use the Page Experience report of your Google Search Console account to understand your Core Web Vitals metrics in greater detail. Lastly, register for SearchAtlas to perform a site audit and see which of your web pages are suffering from site speed delays.

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What does site speed optimization involve?

A lazy load or download time is sure to send users away from your website content and decrease your conversion rates. The best way to help reduce bounce rates and get users to stay longer is to speed up your pages. Site speed optimization services involve both ensuring best practices but also advanced optimizations like website responsiveness or adding content delivery networks or changing your hosting provider or content management system.

Are Slow Load Times Dragging Down Your User Experience?

Websites with complex web design or subpar web hosting may easily suffer from pagespeed deficiencies. Although best practice with image compression, file size, browser cache, optimized wordpress themes, and removing chains of redirects are good places to start, your website might need more advanced optimisations, like a content delivery network (CDN), dedicated server, or optimized css files.

At LInkGraph, we offer site speed optimizations for any page of your website, whether homepages, product pages, or pages or your mobile site. Let us know where you need to improve website page speed, or let us audit your website to find the slow-loading pages that may be sending away website visitors. There are a variety of different ways that we may optimize your website depending on the issues that are currently slowing you down.

The first step is identifying where your pages are slowing you down. You can use Google Search or Page Speed Insights to diagnose problem pages, or add an SEO audit to your order. Then, we create a plan to improve website performance on desktop and mobile devices on a page-by-page basis.

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What is a good page speed?

Your website should aim to have page speed insights scores above 90+. Your pages should also pass Google’s Core Web Vitals tests. These standards are set by Google in order to represent websites that create high-quality experiences for users. The reality is, website load times do impact the searcher, and if a searcher clicks on your SERP result and has to wait too long to see your content, they are most likely going to return back to the search engine.

Does page speed improve SEO?

Search engines only want to rank the highest-quality content for users, and quality also is expressed in the performance of the page. Google tracks whether a searcher clicks on your page, how much time they spend on it, whether they bounce back to the SERPs, all to understand whether or not searchers find your content high-quality.

So when you improve page load times, responsive design, search engines know that also improves customer satisfaction. As of 2021 page speed, experience, and performance have become Google ranking factors, and page speed optimization is now a fundamental part of search engine optimization.

What impacts my page speed?

Any element included in the content of your web page can impact page load and speed.  HTML code, JPG files, website design, CMS or wordpress theme, javascript files, image size, stylesheets, video files, file format, and even your page size. There are also other factors that are unrelated to the content of the page that can impact page speed, including different geographical locations, web servers, content delivery,  security issues, or even http requests. Our team does the work of identifying and resolving these elements impacting page load speed in order to improve your overall search rankings.

Do you offer page speed optimization for Shopify sites?

Yes. We provide many shopify SEO services, including page speed optimisation. Our web development team are Shopify experts and can speed up load times for your product pages so you can convert more users into customers.

What is WordPress speed optimization service?

If you have a WordPress site, our team can help you with performance optimization. We ensure good website speed and top wordpress performance, optimizing the backend of your wordpress site.

What other Google ranking factors can you optimize for besides website speed?

We offer on-page SEO, off-site SEO, technical SEO, and blog post services, among other offerings. You can use our SEO order builder to browse our 50+ products and put together the perfect SEO campaign alongside the page load optimization product. We make tailored SEO campaigns easy for website owners and digital marketing agencies trying to improve results for their clients with our easy-to-use order builder.

Is page speed the easiest way to rank better in search results?

Site owners who want to rank quickly should look into our technical SEO and link building products in the order builder. Get higher ranks in less time with our authority building products.

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