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Small Business SEO Services

We use the power of search engine optimization & AI to increase your small business’s search visibility and win new customers.

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Grow Your Small Business with LinkGraph’s SEO Services

SEO has become a necessity for small business success. Why? Your site is only as strong as its ability to gain search traffic. The nature of SEO allows your small business to increase qualified leads as well as brand awareness. Meet potential customers throughout the buyer journey by providing quality content, technical SEO efficiency, and a streamlined user experience.

Increase Your Site Authority

Through industry outreach, guest blogging, and topically rich content, organically grow your site’s backlink profile and content library. Our SEO company uses editorial experts with industry experience to ensure authenticity and value in every SEO-optimized piece we create.

Effectively Target Your Audience

Through proprietary keyword research, LinkGraph can provide your team a customized and targeted content strategy to ensure your blogs, landing pages, and product descriptions speak to your audience’s search intent.

Rank in Local Searches

If your small business wants to rank for searches in specific geographic areas, we can help you secure local rankings and top spots in Google’s local search 3-Pack. Leverage the local targeting features of our software, or order local SEO packages in the order builder to reach your regional ranking goals.

Safeguard Your Business’s Reputation

Small businesses are uniquely susceptible to negative SEO attacks as well as the possibility of negative publicity. Through a proactive approach to small business SEO or a strategic response to an SEO attack or bad PR, we can minimize the effects on your small business’s long-term bottom line or tarnished brand recognition.

Is SEO good for small businesses?

Search engine optimization services provide small business websites the greatest ROI compared to other marketing management services. By increasing your small business website's online visibility, you're able to capture more organic traffic from your business's target audience--this strategy provides quality traffic with an impact that lasts beyond your initial investment.

SEO for small businesses that is anything but “small.”

We’re ready to help you scale your business by increasing your share of search traffic.

Setup for the Industry’s Best SEO Tools

One of the most popular small business SEO services we offer is account setup for the most effective SEO tools. Every business needs a Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and SearchAtlas account for cutting-edge SEO insight. For local businesses, a Google My Business (GMB) account is essential to appearing in Google Maps searches and for customer acquisition–however, the process can be tedious, and not all GMB profiles have the same SEO impact. When you use LinkGraph for your small business SEO accounts, you can rest assured they’re created to maximize your search visibility.

Award-Winning Service. Award-Winning Results.

LinkGraph uses a personal approach to your small business SEO services. Our account managers treat your business goals and SEO strategy like they would our own. We go above and beyond to provide you and your team with the freshest data, most innovative approaches to SEO best practices, and greatest insight into the SERPs any business owner can ask for.

What’s It Like for a Small Business to Work with LinkGraph?

At LinkGraph, we're more than just an SEO agency. We provide digital marketing with superior customer care by SEO Campaign Managers who are dedicated to client success and solutions. We treat every client as our most important, and we make every small business we work with feel like our biggest client.

Choose the Services That Best Fit Your Small Business

Local SEO packages help your small business dominate your market with GMB profile setup, local backlink building, and local review services. This package protects your standing in the search community while gaining your site organic traffic and winning your business more foot traffic.

Link building packages can turn your small business into an industry-recognized leader. Build your backlink profile using our a la carte option or a link building package. Month-to-month link building can produce major results for your small business website.

Capture a dedicated audience with keyword research-driven content creation. Content is foundational for your website rank in organic SEO. Our team of editorial talent uses proven keyword research and our proprietary content optimization software to produce the highest quality content for your business goals and niche.

An SEO Agency Built to Exceed Your Expectations

The LinkGraph team lives and breathes SEO so our small business clients can excel in the SERPs.

Frequently Asked Questions
Why Work with LinkGraph for Small Business SEO?

As an award-winning full-service SEO agency, we specialize in providing every client with the best SEO services for their on-page and off-site needs and budget. We can tailor your SEO plan to remedy the most pressing issues that may be limiting your organic traffic, such as technical SEO problems, poorly optimized content, a lack of content, web design issues, or a low domain rating. Or we can take a mutli-faceted approach to your search engine optimization for the quickest journey to appearing in search results.

How do you choose affordable SEO services for small businesses?

The easiest way to maximize your budget while prioritizing your site’s SEO needs is to schedule a consultation with one of our SEO consultants. We offer every client a free SEO audit and are happy to answer your question regarding budget to offer you the most effective yet affordable SEO services. Fully managed SEO packages often provide the greatest value since they wrap all of your SEO needs into one contract.

How much does SEO cost monthly for a small business?

There are few one-size-fits-all answers to how much an SEO agency bills monthly for fully managed SEO campaigns. However, at LinkGraph, we offer transparent prices for individual one-time services, and we are always happy to discuss how our services can work with your marketing budget.`

What does it mean when a digital marketing agency refers to on-page SEO?

On-page SEO is a more granular approach to SEO in that you refine individual web pages or a web page to achieve a high rank page by page. On-page optimization is in contrast to technical SEO and off-site SEO which improve your site’s indexability as a whole and your site’s domain rating. All of these add up to great SEO.

What are the best SEO marketing services for a small business?

Search engines, such as Google use a wide array of quality signals to determine how they will rank their search results. Because of this, the best SEO services that will help your site gain rank in organic search depends on the current state of your website. For example, if you have dire page load issues, on-page SEO content isn’t going to solve all of your problems–you would want to focus your investment on SEO efforts that improve usability, website design, and page speed.

Most small businesses benefit from a combination of SEO practices in addition to non-SEO tactics such as email marketing campaigns and social media campaigns. While SEO tasks will benefit your standing in a results page, your overall marketing strategy should focus on increasing website traffic through all channels.

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“They are dedicated to our success and are a thoughtful sounding board when we run ideas by them - sometimes on ideas and projects that are tangential to our main SEO project with them. Also, I love that they allow for shorter-term contracts compared to the usual 1-year contract with other SEO companies. Lastly, they deliver on their promises.”

Brad Brenner
Ph.D, Co-Founder & CEO Therapy Group DC