Local SEO Services

Dominate your market with thousands of hyper-local citations that turn local search into local business.

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is the process of improving your site’s search engine visibility for location-based searches. The right local SEO optimizations help search engines understand where you’re located, what markets you serve, what you offer, and how customers can best reach you.

We specialize in the business citations and local optimizations that help brands increase their sales, revenue, and local market share. Whether you want more foot-traffic to your brick-and-mortar store or to appear in the Google Map Pack, local search engine optimization can help you reach the customers who are already looking for services in your area.

With our network of thousands of business directories, our local SEO agency will maximize your online visibility through local citations submissions across all major directory platforms. Our citation services have helped hundreds of local brands outrank their local competitors and even national brands.

Structured Citations

We push your location information out to search engines by registering it with their most common reference sources. Our Existing Citations Audit will identify any inconsistencies or errors in your current listings on local business directories or citation sites. We’ll also secure new and reputable industry citations that improve your online visibility in your niche or vertical.

Localized Link Signals

We help your local business earn unstructured citations, also known as “link signals,” from other pages. Any mention of your business name can improve your search performance, but backlinks are one of the top search ranking factors. We specialize in high-authority link building to earn you high-quality links that build your local search visibility and overall reputation with search engines.

Monitoring & Maintenance

We ensure that your citations stay consistent and competitive over time. We add physical locations and rich media to your local business listings to give your brand a competitive edge with potential customers. Our citation monitoring removes the inconvenience for your local business by doing the work of keeping your information consistent, accurate, and optimized across thousands of directories.

On-Page Local SEO

Our on-page optimizations ensure that your site communicates to search engines your essential business information like location, products/services, hours, and positive reviews. With our proprietary copy optimizer software, we can create local content and landing pages that meet the needs of local users and perform well in local search results.

The Biggest Citation Distribution Network
All of our local clients get the benefit of their local citations submitted over a wide network of thousands of the most trusted search platforms, business directories, and navigation systems. Wherever users go to search for businesses, we will make sure your listings are found there.
What distribution networks are included?
Distribution Networks


Amazon Alexa

Google Assistant

Apple Siri

Microsoft Cortana

SAP Data Hub
Oracle Internet of Things




Kanzi Maps



Motion Auto

Smart Car




B2B YellowPages


Local | ID
Local Scout
USA Online


Zip Local







Local SEO services work by targeting content for individual physical locations. Structured and unstructured citations must be set-up for each brick-and-mortar location or service area that you’re interested in targeting. Local search optimization pricing varies by the number of locations you need to get to the top of the local search results.
Complete Local SEO Fundamentals
*billed quarterly
  • Price Per Location
  • 30+ Structured Citations
  • Daily Local SEO Reports
  • Daily Citation Tracker Reporting

+50 more networks
Growth Campaign
*billed quarterly
  • Price Per Location
  • 40+ Structured Citations
  • 1 DA 20-40 Geotargeted Backlink
  • Daily Local SEO Reports
  • Daily Citation Tracker Reporting Review Monitoring
  • Everything in Package 1
Aspire Campaign
  • Price Per Location
  • 50+ Structured Citations
  • 3 DA 20-40 Geotargeted Backlinks Per Quarter
  • Daily Local SEO Reports
  • Daily Citation Tracker Reporting Review Monitoring
  • Complete Google My Business Audit
  • Everything in Package 1
Multiple Locations / Listings
Have hundreds of listings?
Contact us for bulk pricing options.
  • Comprehensive Structured Citations Audit
  • Structured Citations Clean-Up
  • Reputable Industry Citations Sprint
  • Monthly Citation Monitoring
Geo-Targeted Link Building
Already have your local business listings covered, and only need unstructed citations? We can help!
  • Hyper-Local Resources
  • Localized Content
  • High-Authority Link Building
  • 30 Day Delivery

See the Proof

We have helped hundreds of local businesses improve their search visibility, sales, and revenue through our local SEO campaigns. We customize your SEO strategy to your industry and target local audience, driving more traffic and potential customers to your website and physical location. See how we’ve helped local businesses max out appointments, bookings, and sales in our case studies.
“No other agencies impressed us the way that LinkGraph did right off the bat. We have a dedicated senior-level account manager who is phenomenal. Thanks to them we often beat the biggest-name websites in our local market. They deliver on their promises.”
Brad Brenner
Co-Founder & CEO, Therapy Group DC
“We are very pleased with the results we have seen from working with LinkGraph. We experienced a 105% in conversions site wide, increased organic traffic from search by 415%, and reached number one in searches for our main targeted keywords.”
Daniel Kim Law
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What are the most important things I can do to rank well in search as a local listing?
  • Set up your Google My Business account and Bing Places account
  • Add your business name, address or service area, and phone number to your site
  • Create dedicated location-specific landing/contact us pages
  • Register with additional online business directories (Yelp, Foursquares, White Pages, etc.), especially any specific to you industry
  • Encourage happy customers to leave reviews on your GMB business profile page
  • Building location-oriented backlinks
  • Build out additional location-specific content and web pages on your site
What are structured citations?

Structured citations are citations that have been specifically formatted to be read by other sources (such as search engines). Structured citations are often referred to as business listings, such as the ones you’d set up on Yelp or Facebook.

There are four main “aggregators” that many business listing platforms and search engines pull from. These aggregators are: Infogroup, Acxiom, Neustar Localeze, and Factual. While structured citations are an important part of a comprehensive local SEO strategy, make sure you don’t forget to address your onsite fundamentals (Name, Address, Phone Number) and claim your Google My Business (GMB) listing before diving deeper into structured citations.

What are unstructured citations?

Unstructured citations are references to your business that have a location-component to them, but which are not formally structured with explicit location-markup. Examples are social mentions from local users, mentions of your business in location-oriented content or articles, and mentions of your business on hyper-localized sites (such as community blogs, or city newspapers).

Additional unstructured citations can be obtained through geo-targeted link building campaigns, as well as your own organic outreach (such as participating in or sponsoring community events).

Why do structured citations need to be monitored?

Information is added to the internet all of the time, and new sites pop up that host structured data. You want to make sure that you monitor all major sources for incorrect information, duplicate listings, and make sure you’re included in any industry-reputable business listings (especially if your competition is listed).

Conflicting information from structured sources causes search engines to feel less confident in your information/business and thus less likely to serve that information to users.

What is a local SEO campaign?

Our local SEO campaigns look to improve the visibility of your organization within your immediate geographical area by targeting a specific location. This can be a state, city, county, or country.  So when a user in your area searches for your type of product, service, or business – you can show up in their search results.

This hyper-local targeting is incredibly effective for brick and mortar businesses, as well as businesses with defined service areas and local markets.

What do your local SEO campaigns include?
  • Competitor analysis
  • Keyword research and conversion analysis
  • Keyword targeting
  • Content development
  • Content optimization
  • Google My Business Set-Up and Optimization
  • Structured Citations and Business Listings
  • Distribution network of hundreds of national and vertical directories
  • Content Marketing/Localized Link Signals
  • Social Media Management
Why should my business focus on local SEO citations?

Building and optimizing localized listings improve your chances of ranking in Google’s Map Pack results for your target location(s). The process is called local citation building, and it revolves around creating accurate and important information about the company, such as business name, address, hours of operation, URL, and phone number. It also entails updating any incorrect or outdated data that can negatively impact results. This is done across a series of directory sites including yellow pages, Yelp, and other sources.

What's the best way to know if my local business citations are up-to-date?

Ready to see how your local citations are doing? Simply use the LinkGraph Directory Listing Scan to receive up-to-date information on your site’s citations.

Our team of local SEO experts, highly educated content writers, and experienced support staff work together to provide a solution that will help you reach your goals while assisting you in each step. We do this by focusing on what Google and other search engines value: providing the exact, relevant information a user is looking for, in an easy to consume fashion that helps them reach their goal.

How do local SEO campaigns work?

Our campaigns work because we take the time to understand your business and local area. We look to recognize the specifics of your demographics and your local audience. As storytellers, we immerse ourselves in the idea of your concept and build the perfect content to create the exact publication that reaches the ideal audience.

Ultimately, the success of each local SEO campaign involves three major components, each critical to reaching your goals:

  • Customize the Content: We create content for local companies that is relevant and localized. Therefore, the publications will always be of value and will position the business well.
  • Measure Progress: As we execute the campaign, you will always have access to tracking and monitoring the work end-to-end. Our customer dashboard gives business owners full access to our local search marketing strategies, so you can measure the progress of your local SEO campaign to get the best result.

Rapid Search Ranking Improvements: We use tailored strategies, including high-quality backlinking, to quickly increase the organic traffic to your website while focusing on long-term publication development that drives even more qualified traffic from search queries.

Is Local SEO really an affordable investment for my small business?

Yes. With search ads you are renting space at the top of the search results, an expense that once spent is gone. With search engine optimization you are investing in search equity that will produce results indefinitely.

Having your business correctly listed in Google Maps, online directories, and having accurate information pop up when a user searches for your business is an important factor for securing local customers. The majority of people now begin the purchase process online with a search. Users searching for local businesses and products are shown local results. Better yet – when your site is local search optimized a user doesn’t even have to click into your site to reach your business.

With ads a user will still have to click and read or discover additional information, but search optimization means that users see your information straight from the search results page, like your phone number and address and even ratings from review sites.

Working with an SEO company can be a bit of an investment up front, but that investment is foundational for your business and will last.

How can I measure ROI for local SEO efforts?

Local SEO ROI can be a little more difficult to measure than traditional SEO services. Well optimized local businesses will display enough information to users within the search results themselves — that users may call or visit your business without ever clicking into your website.

So how do you tell if your SEO efforts are working and producing return? The first sign of success is that your search impressions will increase in not much time. You can see if your search impressions are increasing by reviewing your performance in Google Search Console. The next sign of success is that your search ranking position for your targeted search terms begins improving. Look for your site climbing in the SERPs.

Finally you’ll be on the first page of search results, and you’ll see both your foot traffic, online orders, and/or calls to your business increase. This process will repeat for each set of keywords or locations you optimize for, including new offices or locations

Why should I choose LinkGraph as our local SEO company?

We’ve helped hundreds of local businesses from roofers, therapists, lawyers, toy stores, gyms, liquor stores, and even cities looking to attract tourism. We understand the best practices of digital marketing and are an award-winning SEO company because of the work we’ve done to create tangible results in revenue and growth for local business owners.

We can easily handle the standard local SEO items:

  • Google My Business optimization
  • On Page NAP optimization
  • Setup with local directories

But we also specialize in high authority link building and content optimization, and link signals are more significant for your rankings than structured citations. Our team can also help you pick keywords to optimize for that will provide you the greatest short term and long term return, and design campaigns to optimize your budget for ROI. 

As a web design agency, we can make sure your site performs well across desktop and mobile devices.We also provide a free software suite you can use to improve your local content, even if you aren’t looking to be a client. You can use the software to optimize your onsite content, see the SEO gap between you and your competitors, and even conduct keyword research.