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What Is Included in Local SEO Services?

Dominate your market with thousands of hyper-local citations that turn local search into local business.

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is the process of improving your site's search engine visibility for location-based searches. From gas stations and cafes to plumbers and electricians, the average person turns to search engines when searching for local businesses. Especially for restaurants and other businesses with exclusively local customer bases, local SEO is key to letting customers know about your hours, location, and contact info. The right local SEO optimizations help search engines understand where you’re located, what markets you serve, what you offer, and how customers can best reach you.

Local SEO Services Basics

Local Search
We help you get to page one of the SERPs for location-based searches and keyword phrases.
Google Map
Get into the Google map pack to drive site visitors and foot traffic into your-brick-and-mortar store.
Business Page &
We'll make sure your business page is updated in the directories where people search for businesses like yours.
Online Review
We help you improve your presence and status across the major online review sites and those in your industry vertical.
Ready to learn how Local SEO Services can grow your business?

Local SEO Services

There are thousands of review sites and data aggregators across the internet. From Yelp and TripAdvisor, to Angie’s List and your GMB listing, it’s no small feat to keep your local listings up-to-date and consistent for users and search engines. With our network of thousands of the most important business directories that major search engines crawl, our local SEO agency will maximize your online visibility through submissions across all these major directory platforms.

Much like the yellow pages before the internet, the online landscape for local businesses starts with listing your business name and contact information on the proper locations. When someone uses Apple Maps to find an Italian restaurant, you want to make sure that yours shows up. The same is true if they use Waze, Google Maps, or their car’s built-in navigation GPS. Local SEO is all about knowing all of the different sources people use to find businesses, and making sure your company shows up.

We won’t stop there, though. On top of listing your brand in the appropriate directories, we’ll also make sure your information stays consistent and up-to-date. Change your business hours? Move locations across town? Search engines crawl all of these review sites, directories, and data aggregators, and if your information is contradictory, they will be less likely to show your website in search results. Our citation services have helped hundreds of local brands outrank their local competitors and even national brands.

Showing up in the Google map pack is make or break for most local businesses. When users search for local options near them on their mobile devices, the Google map pack makes it easy for them to immediately find the information they need to make a decision of whether to choose your local products or services, whether directions, store hours, or contact information. If using a mobile device, they may call or get directions by clicking on your search result.

Other features like featured snippets or rich snippets will highlight specific information in your search engine result like your company reviews. This helps boost your business’ credibility and reputation with searchers, in addition to taking up more real estate on the first page, which can entice them to click. These types of optimizations often take place on the HTML level, through features like markup. We will make sure your local business leverages every advantage so you can edge out your biggest local competitors.

In addition to placing your business’s info in local directories like your GMB listing and Foursquare, we also help your local business earn unstructured citations, also known as “link signals,” from other pages. You’re probably familiar with how word-of-mouth can make or break a local business. If everyone in town recommends a particular restaurant or salon, then you’re more likely to pay it a visit. Link signals work in the same way.

The internet is an open forum, and everywhere you look––journals, periodicals, blogs, mobile apps, your local newspaper, etc.––people are talking. Any mention of your business name can improve your search performance, but backlinks are one of the top search ranking factors. When another page links to your business, it’s equivalent to them casting a vote of confidence in your product or service. The more internet locations that link to your web page, the more authority your site will possess, thus helping you rise in the search rankings.

At LinkGraph, we specialize in high-authority link building from both local and national sources. We make sure your links come with location-based anchor text or other local language that helps you improve your local search appearances. Through 100% organic outreach to webmasters and publications, we earn you high-quality links that build your local search visibility and overall reputation with search engines.

We push your location information out to search engines by registering it with their most common reference sources. Our Existing Citations Audit will identify any inconsistencies or errors in your current listings on local business directories or citation sites. We’ll also secure new and reputable industry citations that improve your online visibility in your niche or vertical. When it comes to local businesses, some of the most common reference sources include:

  • Google My Business
  • Foursquare
  • Yelp
  • Facebook
  • Angie’s List
  • TripAdvisor
  • MapQuest

Hiring a part-time SEO worker on Fiverr to update your listings for the cheap may feel like a good thing, but it is unlikely to get you the consistency or breadth of citations you need to show up in local searches. A local SEO specialist will understand the nuances of your industry and which of these platforms is most relevant in your field.

For example, if you’re a carpenter, a Yelp profile might not be as important as one on Angie’s List or Home Advisor. Meanwhile, the opposite applies for restaurants, hotels, bars, etc. Our local SEO pros will develop a submission strategy not only tailored for the local audience you seek but also for your specific industry needs.

SEO of any kind begins with optimizing the actual content on your web page. Through targeting specific keywords relevant to your business and its customers, we engage both search engines and readers with quality content that demonstrates the appeal of your services. When a user enters a local query into a search engine, the search engine will crawl the web for the most relevant results based upon what appears on your webpage. We know the right words it takes to be relevant in your industry and your local area.

There are many local SEO tips you can implement into your on-site content in order to show up in local searches. From targeting long-tail keywords, to having locally-focused blog content, to including your physical address in your header or footer, our local SEO strategists know the optimizations that will help make your visible (and invisible) content more locally-focused.

Our on-page optimizations ensure that your site communicates to search engines your essential business information like location, products/services, hours, and positive reviews. With our proprietary copy optimizer software, we can create local content and landing pages that meet the needs of users and perform well in local search results. The invisible meta data of your website also communicates to Google crawlers whether your site is relevant for local searches. We make sure you title tags, meta descriptions, and headers all do the work of projecting your website as one that should be showing up for local or “near me” search queries.

Local SEO Audit

If you’re not sure whether your local citations and directory listings are up-to-date and consistent, we can perform an audit to identify those discrepancies that may be holding your website back from appearing on page one for local searches. We use proprietary software to crawl thousands of directories for your listing to see and understand the data the way Google’s crawlers do.

Once we identify where your citations need edits or revisions, we can implement those changes for your business, saving you time and paving the way for immediate improvements in local search rankings. Google is more likely to trust and rank sites that have consistent information about physical addresses, store hours, phone numbers, or other information that a potential customer is likely to want in response to their queries. Make sure yours are correct by starting with a local SEO audit.

Online Review Sites

There is very little chance of your local business ranking in search results if you do not have a strong base of positive reviews on major online review sites. Google crawls major review sites like Yelp, TripAdvisor, etc. to understand how your local business is perceived. Unlike local citations, which simply state your business location or contact information, ratings communicate information to Google about your businesses reputation.

Our local SEO strategists can help you optimize your business page within review sites as well as take advantage of positive reviews with features like There are software programs that can help you incentivize your happy customers to leave positive reviews, and our strategists can offer local SEO tips and guidance for how to improve your online review signals. If your website experiences a barrage of fake negative reviews, our reputation managers can do the work of reporting those reviews and making sure they don’t have a negative impact on your long-term local SEO presence.

Monitoring & Maintenance

Just like with any marketing strategy, local SEO is not a one-time fix. To stay relevant, your business will change, offer new services, and target new customers, to compete. For this reason, local citations require maintenance and monitoring as your store hours, website structure and url paths, or products and services grow or expand.

With our proprietary software and detection tools, we regularly audit your listings to prevent inconsistencies or errors to ensure that your citations stay consistent and competitive over time. As more online directories collect data about businesses in the United States and beyond, we stay-up-to date on which are most important for your local area and industry vertical.

We add physical locations and rich media to your local business listings to give your brand a competitive edge wherever potential customers may look for you. LinkGraph ensures that your local SEO strategy grows along with your business. Our citation monitoring removes the inconvenience for your local business by doing the work of keeping your information consistent, accurate, and optimized across thousands of directories.

Additional Local SEO Services

Location-Specific Landing Pages
Review Management
Duplicate Listings
Location-Specific Landing Pages

If your local business has multiple locations, it’s important to have an individual landing page for each location. The content on that landing page should have information that is specific to the geographic area the business is located in. Our SEO strategists will make sure you have the on-page optimizations you need, like location maps, CTA buttons, social media widgets, and keywords in your page title, so your location-specific landing pages rank and convert.

Review Management

Monitoring and responding to online reviews is an important part of local SEO strategy. You can outsource your review management to LinkGraph, and we will make sure your local business leverages each feature of these major review platforms to improve your customer support and your overall keyword rankings. From responding to reviews, reporting fake reviews, and optimizing profile pages, our local SEO experts will help you make the most out of your reputation.

Duplicate Listings

If you have more than one business listing on an online directory like Google My Business, Google will penalize your website and not show your local business in search results. Most often, these duplicates occur through automation or data changes, but it’s important to identify them and remove them as to not confuse Google crawlers or potential customers. Our local SEO experts will make sure that there are no duplicate listings across any of these essential directories, so you can avoid a penalty while new customers find the accurate information they need about your local business.


Local SEO services work by targeting content for individual physical locations. Structured and unstructured citations must be set-up for each brick-and-mortar location or service area that you’re interested in targeting. Local search optimization pricing varies by the number of locations you need to get to the top of the local search results.
Local SEO Fundamentals
Billed quarterly, from:
Local SEO Optimization
Web Search Optimization
  • Price Per Location
  • 30+ Structured Citations
  • Daily Local SEO Reports
  • Daily Citation Tracker Reporting

+ 50 more networks

Growth Campaign
Billed quarterly, from:
Local SEO Optimization
Web Search Optimization
  • Price Per Location
  • 40+ Structured Citations
  • 1 DA 20-40 Geotargeted Backlink
  • Daily Local SEO Reports
  • Daily Citation Tracker Reporting
  • Review Monitoring
  • Everything in Package 1
Aspire Campaign
Billed quarterly:
Local SEO Optimization
Web Search Optimization
  • Price Per Location
  • 50+ Structured Citations
  • 3 DA 20-40 Geotargeted Backlinks Per Quarter
  • Daily Local SEO Reports
  • Daily Citation Tracker Reporting
  • Review Monitoring
  • Complete Google My Business Audit
  • Everything in Package 1

Need a customized local SEO campaign? LinkGraph can help.

Multiple Locations / Listings
Have hundreds of listings?
Contact us for bulk pricing options.
  • Structured Citations Audit
  • Structured Citations Clean-Up
  • Reputable Industry Citations Sprint
  • Monthly Citation Monitoring
Geo-Targeted Link Building
Already have your local business listings covered, and only need unstructed citations? We can help!
  • Hyper-Local Resources
  • Localized Content
  • High-Authority Link Building
  • 30 Day Delivery

What sets LinkGraph’s Local SEO Apart

Citation Distribution Network
All of our local clients get the benefit of their local citations submitted over a wide network of thousands of the most trusted search platforms, business directories, and navigation systems. Our network includes the essential up-to-date directories where your company needs to be listed. Wherever users go to search for businesses, we will make sure your listings are found there.
Local SEO Resources
We help our clients improve their site with our free SEO resources and learning hub. Understand why local SEO is so important, learn how to structure a paid media campaign with geo-targeting for your location, or better understand what on-page optimizations you can perform from the comfort of your own computer to help you appear in local searches. We love sharing our expertise and resources, so check out our ebooks, articles, and webinars in our learning hub.
Proprietary Software
All of our clients have access to our innovative SEO software. You can use our SEO tools to implement the best practices of SEO across all of the marketing channels for your local or small business. Improve your on-page content, check your backlink profile, and understand your domain authority metrics with our powerful tools. We help you take your SEO strategy to the next level.


Local SEO Basics
Local SEO Services
Local SEO Campaigns
Google My Business
What are the most important things I can do to rank well in search as a local listing?
  • Set up your Google My Business account and Bing Places account
  • Add your business name, address or service area, and phone number to your site
  • Create dedicated location-specific landing/contact us pages
  • Register with additional online business directories (Yelp, Foursquares, White Pages, etc.), especially any specific to you industry