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Digital PR Services

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What is Digital PR?

Digital PR is the process of improving brand awareness across the internet. Incorporating digital public relations into your marketing strategy can help you reach your target audience, increase brand value, and multiply your online presence. A high-quality digital PR campaign is one of the most effective ways to supercharge your marketing efforts.

Content Marketing

In the world of the internet, your brand is only as good as your content. Our editorial team provides content creation to help your brand be perceived as a thought leader and industry expert by your target customers.

Link Building

Our digital PR strategy includes proactive backlink building to help your web pages rank in organic search. With strategic use of original content creation, guest posts, and anchor text, we transform your landing pages into top-ranking search engine results.

Reputation Management

There are so many places across the internet that shape your brand value. We monitor search results, online forums, review sites, and wherever your brand name is mentioned to ensure a positive online reputation.

Media Coverage

Through press release syndication and HARO, we combine the power of strategic communications with link building. Grow your brand image and Domain Authority with more media mentions of your digital content.

What is Digital PR in SEO?

The first place that most people will come across your brand name is through a search engine. That's why SEO is one of the main strategies of a digital PR campaign. Digital PR campaigns are not only about improving brand awareness, but SEO factors like backlinks, Domain Authority, organic traffic, lead generation, and quality content.

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What is the Difference Between Digital PR and Traditional PR?

Unlike traditional PR, digital PR is more focused on online publications and online media than offline channels. Digital PR experts focus on leveraging the SERPs, social media, blog posts, and every type of content that your target audience might be engaging with on the internet. In comparison to a traditional PR campaign with basic media outreach, digital PR is a much more comprehensive and powerful marketing strategy.

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What’s Included in a Digital PR Campaign?

Our digital PR experts will design a custom digital PR campaign based on your unique brand messaging and marketing goals. Your campaign may include press releases, guest posts, influencer marketing, paid online marketing, technical SEO, reputation management, search engine optimization and more. Our goal is to leverage as many digital channels to help you crush your growth and revenue goals.

Benefits of Digital PR

Digital PR can help increase your company's exposure online, resulting in more website visitors and potential customers. With improved brand awareness, digital PR can also lead to increased sales and market share, meaning greater ROI on your marketing campaign than PR strategy alone.

The SEO benefits of Digital PR are tenfold, helping your website rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs). The benefits include organic rankings, higher authority links, and relevant content for your target audience to engage with as they make their purchase decisions.

With improved brand loyalty and SEO, Digital PR creates more engaged customers who are more likely to return to your website to buy your products or services. By following digital PR best practices, you'll see benefits at every level of your public relations strategy.

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Frequently Asked Questions
How do you measure the impact of digital PR?

Some marketing services are more difficult to measure because “brand awareness,” isn’t always concrete. But at LinkGraph, we focus on key metrics that can be clearly measured in Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and our own proprietary analytics software, GSC Insights. These include Domain Authority, impressions, organic rankings, organic clicks, bounce rates, conversions, social media engagements, total backlinks, and more.

Who makes up your digital team?

Our digital PR campaigns are led by creatives, social media marketing gurus, crisis management professionals, digital pr specialists, and SEO experts. We combine the knowledge of all of these digital specialties to provide you with the most comprehensive campaigns.

Do you offer other types of PR services?

Yes. Our PR team offers original press release creation with distribution and syndication as well as HARO link building management. If you’re looking for more traditional PR deliverables, our PR experts are here to help.

Can I order a more traditional PR campaign?

If you’re looking for more media relations and more traditional outreach to media outlets, we are still here to help. Schedule a consultation with our PR team and we can discuss what your brand needs in a PR campaign.

Do you offer other SEO services?

Yes. We are a full service digital marketing and SEO agency that offers link building, SEO audit offerings, and content creation for organic traffic. Unlike the average SEO company, we specialize in top authority links to drive organic rankings quickly and safely.

Can I combine SEO and Digital PR in the order builder?

Yes. Go to the order builder and select managed SEO campaigns to get the most holistic digital PR service. We will design a digital PR campaign that fits your budget and your marketing goals.

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“They are dedicated to our success and are a thoughtful sounding board when we run ideas by them - sometimes on ideas and projects that are tangential to our main SEO project with them. Also, I love that they allow for shorter-term contracts compared to the usual 1-year contract with other SEO companies. Lastly, they deliver on their promises.”

Brad Brenner
Ph.D, Co-Founder & CEO Therapy Group DC