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Blog Writing Services

SEO content written by professional writers and content marketing experts. Our SEO blog writing experts will create high-quality content that drives website traffic from search engines.

800+ organizations trust LinkGraph to drive growth

What is a Blog Writing Service?

A blog writing service can provide your brand with quality content and SEO optimized blog posts to help you earn keyword rankings in organic search. At LinkGraph, we create optimized, quality blog content in every industry, helping you reach your target audience and drive web traffic from search engines. Our SEO blog writing services have helped hundreds of brands appear in Google.

High Quality SEO Content

The type of content that ranks in search engines does more than simply include target keywords. Google crawlers now look for high-quality, original content with longer word count and in-depth information. With LinkGraph's content writing service, you'll get the best quality content for your website and excellent customer service throughout your ordering process.

Professional Blog Writers

Our 50+ editorial team of blog writers is made up of journalists, creatives, academics, and marketers skilled in SEO content writing. Our talented writers are native speakers with years of experience in article writing for SEO strategy. If you need a specialist writer for your industry, our blog writing service includes industry-specific content writing to help you build brand expertise and authority.

Content Optimization Software

Our content writers all use SearchAtlas content optimization software to help you rank for valuable SEO keywords in your industry. Our proprietary SEO tools ensure on-page SEO best practices and technical SEO excellence. With every blog post we write, we leverage machine learning and natural language processing to do on-page optimization that helps blog posts rank higher in search.

Blog Strategy Add-Ons

If you need keyword research, content ideas, or strategy included with your blog posts, our professional writers and digital marketing experts can provide a detailed roadmap to understand what blog topics and keywords will help you get your products and services in front of the eyes of more potential customers. Simply add Blog Strategy to your order.

Does Writing Blogs Help SEO?

Blog writing is a great way to bring value to your potential customers and earn search engine rankings. High quality content also elevates brand authority and expertise in the eyes of search engine crawlers and your target audience. The more blog posts and blog articles you have on your website, the more opportunities you have to rank in search engines and drive traffic to your website.

Grow Online Visibility with a Professional Blog Writing Service

Connect with potential customers through optimized blog posts that rank for high-value keywords in your industry.

The Best Blog Writing Service for SEO

Every blog post you publish on your website has the opportunity to rank for relevant search results in your industry. They also have other benefits, like content for social media posts, linking assets for link building and guest posts, providing value to potential clients and customers, and building brand authority and expertise overall. Google likes to see fresh content, and a robust seo content strategy will leverage blog posts to expand search visibility and presence. With LinkGraph's SEO blog writing service, you can see the benefits of great content at every level of your organization.

Affordable Blog Writing Services by Award-Winning SEO Experts

See why hundreds of brands trust their blog strategy to LinkGraph's award-winning editorial team.

How Do Bloggers Write Content?

Our blog writers review the top-ranking web content for your target keywords to understand what it takes to compete, including keywords, word count, and more. Then, our content writers create custom content with optimized page titles, subheads, and technical SEO best practices. Our SEO blogs meet blog writing and on-page SEO best practices, appealing to your target audience and search engine crawlers alike. Our editors ensure quality control to bring you the best blog writing service available anywhere. Unlike Verblio, Upwork, Fiverr, or Textbroker, our copywriters are highly vetted to ensure the best blog content for your website.

Outsource Blog Content Writing to SEO Professionals

Writing high quality blog posts that rank in search engines is time and resource intensive. A blog writing service from a reputable SEO agency like LinkGraph can help you create content at scale and earn more keyword rankings in search. In addition to blog articles, our in-house writers can create any type of content including landing pages, product descriptions, and guest posts.

Our blog services have helped hundreds of brands grow their digital presence. Instead of working with freelancers, outsourcing article writing to marketing agencies that provide SEO services can be the easiest way to drive site traffic at a reasonable price point. Whether you're a small business or enterprise organization, a good blog can produce so much return on investment.

Outsourcing your content development allows your brand to focus on other areas of your marketing strategy. There's a great deal that goes into SEO and digital marketing, so lighten the load of your in-house marketing team by letting LinkGraph take ownership of your content writing needs.

The Best Blog Writing Service for Marketing Teams

Elevate your SEO Performance with fully-optimized blog posts and see how more on-page content can drive growth and revenue.

What is SEO Blog Writing?

Unlike traditional blog writing, SEO blog writing is focused on writing blog posts that are optimized for specific keyword queries. Our professional blog writing team creates in-depth, high quality content that is created with on-page seo best practices. Unlike other content writing companies, we use our proprietary content optimization software to create your content so it becomes a top article in the SERPs.

What are SEO Writing Services?

A writing service simply is a team of writers who create content for your website. By outsourcing your content creation to a content writing service, your in-house team can focus on other areas of your marketing strategy, like search engine marketing, social media, inbound marketing, and more

How much does a blog writer cost?

The price of blog posts is determined by the word rate of your blog or guest posts. A 500-word optimized blog post is $125 and a 1000-word optimized blog post is $250. For more details on the prices for longer blog posts, visit our order builder and find the right fit for your content strategy.

Can I Hire Someone to Write My Blog?

Yes! Our copywriters research your industry, competitors, and the products or services that your team offers throughout their article writing. We make sure we write the best blog for your keyword and business goals. We prioritize high-quality content that meets on-page SEO and technical SEO fundamentals.

How do your blog writers compare to other blog providers?

Unlike verblio, fiverr,  or textbroker, our writing agency isn’t just made up of freelance writers, but professional marketers and SEO professionals who bring their expertise to our content service. Often when working with freelancers, there can be a disconnect between the content writing services and your unique industry goals. Buying a blog off verblio may be faster, but purchasing pre-written content means that your web content will not be written with the strategic on-page SEO optimizations that are essential to your keyword strategy.

Who are your content writers?

We have a 50+ editorial team of academics, creatives, and marketing industry professionals who bring their knowledge and expertise into the creation process. We don’t outsource to freelancers, but use our agency content writing service to craft you the best blog possible.

What other services do you offer?

In addition to content writing service, our agency provides brands and business owners with link building, technical SEO, other website content, and local SEO strategies for local businesses. We also offered managed SEO campaigns for a monthly fee. Our in-house writers are skilled in all forms of content creation and can provide on-page seo optimized marketing content and guest blogging services for brands in any industry.

Are your copywriters native speakers?

Yes. No matter your word article length, the copywriter of your blog post will be a native speaker and create readable, error-free, industry-specific article writing at no additional cost. We are known for the best blog products because of the quality of our writers and the SEO power of our software for SEO engine optimization.

See why the world's best companies choose LinkGraph to drive leads, traffic and revenue.

“They are dedicated to our success and are a thoughtful sounding board when we run ideas by them - sometimes on ideas and projects that are tangential to our main SEO project with them. Also, I love that they allow for shorter-term contracts compared to the usual 1-year contract with other SEO companies. Lastly, they deliver on their promises.”

Brad Brenner
Ph.D, Co-Founder & CEO Therapy Group DC