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Managed SEO Packages and Campaigns

Comprehensive SEO strategies, expertly executed, and precision targeted to get you the best results.
*LinkGraph clients get access to our proprietary SEO software suite.

What are Managed SEO Campaigns?

LinkGraph’s premier SEO services are the best way to optimize ROI for your budget. Managed campaigns give you access to our highest authority links, .edus and DA 60-90+ sites, not available via our self-serve platform.

Each campaign kicks off with a review of your specific site goals, industry, and market landscape which we use to formulate an SEO plan specifically for your site and space. Managed campaigns include competitor analysis, on-page content optimization, off-site content marketing/link building, social media posts, and automated SEO reporting to help you track your progress.

The end result? Fully managed SEO campaigns that appear organic, dominate the competition and drive high-converting traffic to your website and business.

SEO packages can also be tailored to your specific needs, so if you already have social media management covered, we can easily put more of our efforts into content optimization, content creation, or outreach to get your target keywords ranking.


What’s Included

Keyword Selection
Keyword Research
Competitor Analysis
Search Intent Analysis
Core Business Alignment
Website Audit
Technical SEO
On Page SEO
Backlink Profile
Keywords Rankings
Strategy Formation
Converstion Rate Analysis
Competitor Gap Analysis
Publication Targeting
Campaign Design
Onsite Optimization
Technical Optimization
On Page Optimization
Indexing Acceleration
Blog Content Creation
Offsite Execution
Premium Content Creation
Publication Outreach
Social Media
Press Release
Ongoing Review
Campaign Refinement
Backlink Monitoring
Customer Dashboard
Monthly Review Meeting

Agencies Us

From preferred pricing to white-labeled services and reporting, we've got our agency partners covered with comprehensive multi-site services.

1. Keyword Research

We start keyword research based on your specific site, industry, and goals- taking into considerration the following criteria:

Search Volume

How many people search that term each month.

Keyword Difficulty

How competitive the search market is for this term.

Competitor Targeting

What terms are your competitors targeting with SEO or PPC?

Conversion Indicators

Is this term likely to be converting for your site or industry?

Business Alignment

Will conversions from this term support your core business?

Based on our analysis, we will identify all likely-to-convert terms, rank them by impact, and then identify which ones are quick wins, and which ones are longer-term goals. These keyword targets become the foundation of our search engine optimization campaign strategy.

2. SEO Campaign Strategy

LinkGraph structures campaigns to meet the specific goals of your business. We include a mix of quick wins and quarterly targets, so you see quantifiable ROI every step of the way.

Quick Wins

These are low competitive keywords we can move your Search Engine Ranking Position (SERP) for significantly within a single month.

Quarterly Targets

These are terms that will have significant impact on your business, but will require more than a single month’s effort to reach page one.

We will craft an SEO strategy which can either be executed on immediately, or reviewed with your team for approval. Depending on your specific goals, campaigns can include a combination of onsite content improvements, high quality white-hat link building, brand building, and location-specific search targeting.

3. Execution

Our 50+ person editorial team, comprised of industry veterans, bloggers, journalists, and PhD’s have got your content needs covered:

On-Site Pieces

We’ll pitch you a series of topics and all you have to do is green-light the ones you like. We’ll handle everything else from content development to title tag optimization.

Off-Site Pieces

Our team handles everything end-to-end from ideation, to pitching, and rapid revisions that allow us to secure some of the highest quality placements in the business.

Enjoy real-time visibility into every aspect of your campaign through your Customer Dashboard where you can watch every single link we earn for your site go live.

Look forward to a monthly strategic review meeting with your dedicated account manager where they’ll cover campaign progress, current wins, and upcoming adjustments as we continually re-allocate resources to dynamically increase the impact of each month’s campaign via keyword ranking and conversion tracking.


Do you have materials to help discuss this with my team?
Yes, please click here to download our LinkGraph process overview deck . You can also take a look at some of our helpful case studies and blog posts.
How do I get started?
Fill in the information in this form, or contact an account manager and they’ll walk you through getting started. All you need is your domain, a contact person, and payment method – we can handle everything else.
How will my budget get spent?
Your budget is allocated to each piece of onsite content, each piece of offsite content, and any local listings work completed for your site. These breakdowns will be provided to you prior to campaign kickoff.
As part of our managed campaigns you will NEVER be charged for ongoing keyword research, reporting, or discussions with your account manager.
What’s my commitment?
To unlock DA 80+ publications you need to make a three-month commitment, this allows us to slot you effectively into upcoming editorial calendars and opens the door to working with marquee publications. For all other scenarios, you have no commitment past the 30 days you’ve paid for, cancel at any time if you fail to see results.
What does the setup fee cover?
The setup fee covers your initial site audit, and setup of your account within our system. In special cases your account manager may be able to waive this fee, be sure to ask!
What if I want only link building with no changes to my site?
Usually that’s not a problem. In some cases it can limit the range of keywords you can target and your overall ranking potential for various terms.

Every campaign performs better with a degree of onsite content improvements, but feel free to discuss any specific concerns or considerations with your Account Manager and they’ll be happy to work with you whatever constraints you may have!
Why don’t you offer DA 60-90 publications in the self-serve link building products page?
Not all sites are ready for high-powered links, some don’t have diverse enough backlink profiles, and others don’t have enough onsite content to reap the benefits of our highest authority links.

If you’re interested solely in high-authority links (as an individual, or as a high volume reseller) talk to one of our Account Managers and we’ll help you take this on safely.
Why do managed campaigns cost less than your self-serve link building, if I’m getting more?
Managed campaigns allow us to set your site up for success and show you better results, in other words we know you’re going to be a repeat customer.