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SEO Content Assistant Tool

Create high-quality web content and landing pages that rank better in search results.
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What is the SEO Content Assistant tool?

Our SEO Content Assistant can help you improve the relevance, topical depth, and quality signals of your web content. Use our tool to optimize your landing pages, blog posts, and even the content you create for off-site link building or digital PR campaigns. With one simple tool, you can elevate the performance of any piece of content in search engine results pages.

Content optimization involves more than simply including a target keyword in a piece of content. Google’s algorithms are advanced enough to understand what your landing page copy is about and whether it’s high-quality. Our software suggests the focus terms, on-page elements, and keyword frequency your content needs to outrank competitors for high-value keywords in your industry.

Unlike other content analysis tools, LinkGraph’s empowers you to optimize your landing pages and web content for up to 5 keywords. Directly import your content from existing urls, export new content to Google Docs, or collaborate on projects with other members of your team. The sleek user interface and real-time data analytics makes the SEO Content Assistant the ideal software tool for site owners, content creators, and digital marketing agencies.

SEO Content Assistant Features
Import content from existing urls, export your new content into a Google Doc, and share your projects with other members of your team.
Keyword Data
Enter your target keywords into the SEO Content Assistant tool and our software will provide search volume, CPCs, and keyword difficulty score.
Multiple Keyword Targets
Unlike other content tools, you can optimize your landing pages for up to five keywords with our content optimization tool.
Content Score
LinkGraph’s proprietary content score will measure the strength of your content. A score over 80 can result in a huge difference in your keyword rankings.
Focus Terms
Focus terms are related topics and phrases to your primary keyword. Add them to your landing pages to display topical authority and depth to Google crawlers.
Keyword Frequency
Scroll your cursor over the list of Focus terms and see the recommended keyword frequency for each suggested term.
Word Count
Search engines reward long-form, in-depth content. Our tool shows your word count and includes this metric in your overall content score.
Top-Ranking Content
See the top-ranking urls for your target keyword. Reference those pieces of content and landing pages as a model for your content creation.
The Leading On-Page Optimization Tool for Content Marketers & SEO Copywriters
Do keyword research, write seo content, and improve on-page optimization all with a single SEO tool
Landing Pages
Optimize your existing landing pages and start ranking for the high-value keywords in your industry.
Blog Posts
Create blog posts that target multiple long-tail keywords and increase your overall keyword rankings.
Off-Site Articles
Easily complete SEO writing for the off-site content you create for link building or digital PR campaigns.
Improve your ranking score with our SEO Content Assistant
What does it take for a Landing Page to Rank?
Technical SEO
High-quality, Fresh Content
Conversion-Optimized Design
Page Experience and Core Web Vitals

On-page optimization includes SEO-friendly page titles, headlines, HTML tags, meta descriptions, internal links, external links, alt text, and anchor text. Google algorithms look to these on-page elements for clarity about your website content and its overall quality and relevance to search terms. Our content optimizer will factor in the important elements like h1-h6 tags, url slugs, headlines, page titles, and other elements to determine your content score and the likelihood of your landing page appearing in Google rankings.

Including valuable information and insights on your landing pages increases their value to searchers. Google crawlers understand the readability of online content, and a content optimizer provides the LSI keywords and related words that will improve the SEO of your own content without keyword stuffing. Whether you utilize the content optimizer for blog content, landing pages, or content marketing, the ultimate goal of the tool is to create high-quality, relevant content that shows up on the first page of Google.

Page elements like CTAs, site structure, and overall page design will impact the conversion rates of your landing pages. If you want to turn more landing page visitors into potential customers, the best practices of landing page design will improve conversion rates and help you capitalize off the organic traffic you get from search engines. Beyond seo writing and ranking for competitive keywords, UI/UX design is a powerful tool in guiding users toward a desired action or conversion goal

Important analytics like page speed, usability, responsive design, and website performance will impact the effectiveness of your web pages. The SEO content you create should have fast page speed and load times, perform on mobile devices, and not have any technical issues that increase bounce rate or cause searchers to return to the SERPs. Search algorithms crawl webpages for these page factors, so taking your page experience to the next level is essential to creating a high-quality landing page.

What keyword data does the tool provide?

There are common questions beginners have about how to choose a given keyword for their seo campaigns. Selecting the right keywords is a foundational part of SEO and will be a determining factor in whether your content ranks. The best keywords are those your own website has a better chance of ranking for and converting from.

High search volume keywords can get you impressions, but they are often more competitive. CPC can show you the conversion potential of a keyword, but overall, think about the search intent and whether ranking for your given keyword will put your website in front of the right audience. When choosing a new keyword, a simple way to determine your selection is to only target keywords with a difficulty level that is equal or less than your website’s domain authority score.

How does the tool determine the Focus terms?

Our software crawls the top ranking webpages in the SERPs for your target keyword during the current period of time you’re optimizing. The seo tool identifies the common relevant keywords and long-tail keyword phrases found on those particular pages and provides a checklist of those focus words.

For high competition keywords or top results that include given websites with higher domain authority, there will be more focus terms you need to include in your writing process in order to outrank those top urls. You will also likely need to more long-form content to include the focus terms while maintaining the readability of your content, particularly if you want your landing pages to be high performing in the long run.

Whatever kind of content you create, include the focus terms the recommend number of times during your content writing — from the first paragraph to the last — and your content will be more likely to rank in google search results.

What determines my landing page’s SEO score?

Our content score is meant to reflect overall content quality. Elements like title length, url structure, hyperlinks. relevant internal links, keyword use, writing style, misspellings, relevant topics, and LSI words will all impact your content score. With every content piece you create in the content tool, our score measures the right length for ranking to be around 2500 words.

If you optimize for any secondary keywords or the maximum of 5 keywords, it will require more content ideas and related keywords to get a better score. Content creators can create or make tweaks in the tool and use the content score as a benchmark. Better content with more detailed information will correlate with better rankings.

Can I share documents that I create in the content tool?

Yes. Our tool makes it simple to share your seo content with other members of your team. Whether you want to export your optimized content into a Google Doc, or work on projects together in the dashboard, our content tool is a great way for bloggers, advertisers, online marketers, seo copywriters, or website owners to collaborate. Sign up for a free trial and see how easy on-page content creation is with the right tool.

Can LinkGraph create web content for my brand?

Absolutely. Our SEO company offers high-quality content writing services to brands of all sizes. Creating a lot of content on a consistent basis can be time-consuming, but great content is essential to rank for more long-tail keywords and improve your search engine rankings. Our content strategy professionals will create seo-friendly content on any given topic in your industry niche and at scale. Whether you need new content like a home page, blog posts, landing pages, or off-site articles for link building, writing content that ranks is one of LinkGraph’s specialities.

Do you do keyword analysis or can I provide the specific keyword my brand wants to rank for?

We can provide keyword research and make keyword suggestions based on the search terms and queries your target audience is using. If you have an exact keyword phrase in mind, we may suggest alternative keyword ideas that have less keyword difficulty, more conversion potential, or those we think your site has a better chance of driving qualified traffic from. Regardless, our content writers and SEO copywriters will include the necessary LSI terms and focus terms that get your site ranking for the keyword terms in your industry.

How many pieces of content can your content writers create?

As a full-service digital marketing and SEO agency, we offer content strategy at scale and can design a content marketing campaign with an expert SEO perspective. We create 1000+ original content pieces per month for on-site, link building, and digital PR campaigns. If you want to start earning more organic clicks and high-quality links, scaling up your content development can result in significant improvements for your own site.

What other SEO and digital marketing services does LinkGraph offer?

As a full-service digital marketing and SEO agency, we offer a wide range of SEO services. On-Page SEO, backlink building, content marketing strategy, technical SEO, as well as Google Adwords, PPC and social media advertising. Our team also consists of web developers, UI/UX designers, and graphic designers and illustrators who can provide conversion rate optimization, infographics, web design, and web development, and all informed by our award-winning SEO strategy.

Do you do SEO audits?

Our SEO pros can audit your website for website speed, bad links, duplicate content, user interface and page design, content relevancy, conversion funnel, social signals, readability, mobile usability, and other critical issues related to overall site performance and SEO success. Our audits can identify the pain points and weakness and provide an overall picture of how to improve your brand’s online visibility and appearances in search engine results.

What other SEO Tools do you offer?

Our SEO software suite offers a range of SEO tools to help you execute and elevate your organic search strategy and website performance. Our Google Search Console Tool provides core insights and data visualizations to measure your keyword rankings and organic traffic. The tool is also ideal for SEO A/B testing. The dashboard also includes a keyword research tool, a backlink analyzer ideal for identifying spammy links and performing backlink profile competitor analysis.