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Smarter Development
for Superior SEO

Securing a coveted ranking in search results requires a commanding online presence, and the foundation of all high performing websites is intelligent web development. At Linkgraph, we consider SEO analytics in our design and development choices to ensure that your digital product not only exceeds usability standards, but can function in ways that best situate it for prime placement in search engine results.

We offer custom web development services to create your ideal website. Our web development design services always produce efficient, responsive web design. Regardless of how interactive your ui/ux, we provide the back-end development that will help transform digital user journeys into conversions.

With years of professional experience in the web development field, our team members are proficient in multiple programming languages (html, Javascript, php, etc.) and can seamlessly incorporate animations and interactive features into your web applications without sacrificing site speed or load times.

If you are seeking a custom e-commerce site, a more complex web portal, or an innovative customer dashboard, our web developers will learn your unique business requirements and develop a web application that can be easily scaled as your company grows.

Not only do users love our websites, search engines easily find them. Our professional web development services are always informed with Linkgraph’s award-winning SEO expertise and execute the best practices of optimized web design.

Our Process

Our development process begins by working closely with your team to understand your business goals and ideal users. With a nuanced understanding of your design vision, our web developers will ensure the back-end development of your web application works in service to both your business needs and design preferences. At this stage, your project manager will determine the necessary features, functionalities, and technology stack required to transform the preliminary wireframe into a functional, high performing website.
Our web developers begin their initial design and coding for your website, web app, or progressive web app. Linkgraph employs striking, clean, and interactive web designs across all of our digital products, and increasing conversion rates remains at the forefront of our web development decisions. Using our content management system (CMS), we construct your site architecture to support interactive design elements without sacrificing site speed, and we ensure the back-end digital infrastructure supports all aspects of the front-end development. Our development team will then present the final website for your evaluation and refine the digital product until it meets your expectations and vision.
Before your web app or website goes live, we run usability testing and automation to ensure both the front- and back-end development can perform on a desktop, iPad, or mobile device. We perform quality assurance throughout our web development with each new feature or adjustment to the ui/ux design, in order to ensure that more complex design choices don’t interfere with the website's overall functionality. If your web development includes site migration, our deployment model includes testing and staging phases to ensure your web application is high performing and responsive prior to its debut.
Our web development services include close monitoring of your site after launch to anticipate necessary updates or refinements. In addition to optimized web design, our team members simplify your site structure so any regular updates or maintenance can be easily completed in house if desired. We track your website’s performance, user experience, site speed and functionality, and monitor how all of these features impact your overall SEO performance.
Case Study
The Client:

A small business with slow site speed and unresponsive website design with particularly long load times on mobile devices.

The Challenge:

Build an entirely new website with better ui/ux that increases visibility in search and remains high performing across all devices. In addition, execute complete site migration to a new url in minimal time.

The Method:

Our web developers used our CMS to provide strong back end development that could support a more interactive style guide. Using the principles of agile development methodology, Linkgraph team members from our digital marketing and SEO departments collaborated with our web developers throughout the evolution of the site development. We performed quality assurance testing to ensure all elements of the front-end development were high-functioning across all devices.

The Results:
Increase in Session Time
Increase in Search
Decrease in Load Times
What is responsive web design?

Users may interact with your website on a variety of devices. In fact, mobile traffic has increased by 222% in the last 5 years. So regardless of whether your website visitors arrive via a mobile device, desktop, or iPad, responsive web design recognizes their device and adapts to its appropriate screen size, color capabilities, or display functionalities. Responsive web design ensures that your users get a consistently high performing user experience across all of the devices they use to access the web.

Responsive web design can also benefit your search rankings! Google favors websites that are optimized for users who access via mobile device or smartphone. Responsive web design ensures that page speed and load times are consistent across devices too, and Google rewards those sites that efficiently load and operate well for their users.

How long will it take for my website to be finished?
The length of redesign often depends on the size and complexity of the website or web application, but we are willing to work within deadlines that best meet your needs.
Do I update my website or do you?
We develop our sites so all updates and minimal maintenance can be performed by you in a content management system
Do you have experience developing e-commerce sites?
Yes, we have extensive experience building e-commerce websites hosted on a variety of platforms. Our team is familiar with Wordpress, WooCommerce, Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, Squarespace, as well as custom-built solutions.
Whether you’re doing e-commerce at scale ($100M+ annual GTV) or just starting out, we have the expertise to help you grow. We’ve helped brands improve search visibility to product pages, improve conversion rate, A/B test checkout flows, retarget abandoned carts, add rich analytics to checkout, reduce credit card fraud, improve order processing / fulfillment, and other technical challenges modern e-commerce brands face when growing digital revenue.
We’re familiar with payment gateways like Stripe, Elavon, PayPal, Chase Paymentech, and Braintree. We’ve helped brands run A/B testing of their checkout flows to improve conversion rates and improve ROI on paid marketing campaigns. We’ve even helped merchants combat credit-card fraud by integrating several modern fraud scoring engines.
Do I need a database for my website?
We've worked with clients that utilize a wide range of database technologies from conventional database systems like mySQL, Postgress, with caching systems like Mencashed and Rudis, as well as noSQL and big data systems like: MongoDB, Cassandra, Scylla, Elastic Search, and many others. Depending on whether your project is as simple as wordpress on mySQL, or more complex installations, our team has the expertise to help you solve your data warehousing challenges.
My website doesn't need a complete redesign, but I think it could use a little help!
Great! We offer ui/ux audits to identify what design elements or content navigation problems may be interrupting your users' journeys or impacting your conversion rates.
I like my website design but need more content. Can you help?
Absolutely! We also specialize in comprehensive content marketing strategy that is optimized for search. We can also help you improve your landing page design
Once my web development is complete, do you promote it?
All of our website designs are created for better search performance, but we are a full service digital marketing and SEO agency. We offer a breadth of SEO services and free SEO tools that can help increase your visibility and keep boosting you up the rankings.
I don’t really know much about SEO. Where should I start?
Our blog and learning center offers multiple resources on getting started with a smart SEO strategy.