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*LinkGraph clients get access to our proprietary SEO software suite.
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When the high-level SEO audit is complete, you’ll have the opportunity to sign up for our SEO dashboard where you can access additional SEO tools.
Toxic Link Checker
The first free SEO audit tool in the LinkGraph dashboard is the toxic links checker, the easiest way to identify and disavow toxic links. Our website analysis tool displays all of the domains linking to your site in a detailed report that displays a variety of metrics including: domain rating, trust flow, and citation flow. The toxic link checker also analyzes each linking domain for toxicity, taking into account ranking factors like spam score.
Keyword Tracker
Besides our backlink analyzer, you’ll have access to our keyword tracker which allows you to track your rankings for target keywords. The keyword tracker also displays metrics like search volume and cost per click for all tracked terms. You can’t gain organic traffic from keywords that have no search volume, and you’re unlikely to see conversions for search terms with low CPCs. The tool can also be used for light keyword research as you work on identifying keyword targets that your ideal audience is already using to find products and services.
Landing Page Optimizer
Instantly improve your on page SEO for any web page and improve your site's performance in search engines with our Landing Page Optimizer. This useful tool will provide you a list of Focus Terms to add to existing web page content, based on an analysis of each web page currently ranking in the first two search engine results pages (SERPs). By adding LinkGraph's proprietary Focus Terms to your web page content, you can raise your Quality Score and increase your ability to rank. Hundreds of brands use our free tool to create useful, valuable content that engages users and ranks higher in search results.

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About Our Free SEO Audit Tool

This SEO audit tool will give you useful information about your SEO metrics and the SEO strength of your entire site in a matter of seconds. See information about your backlinks, domain authority, and how your site matches up to your organic competitors.

Learn how many keywords you are ranking for with search engines, as well as how many organic keywords your competitors are ranking for.

*LinkGraph clients get access to our proprietary SEO software suite.
Free SEO Audit of Competitors
If you want to self-select your own competitors and view their metrics, sign up for our dashboard at the end of your analysis. Our dashboard SEO tools have additional controls allowing you to perform SEO audits on competitors of your choosing. See the gap between your SEO profile and the SEO profile of your competitors, and identify the link building work needed to close the gap and out rank your competition.

LinkGraph SEO Audits Include

Rankings Analysis
Keyword Analysis

Link Toxicity

Link Building Gap
Social Media
Post Requency

Hashtag Usage

Domain Linking
On-Page Content
Duplicate Content
Content Optimization
User Experience
Mobile Site Issues
Mobile Site Design

Page Speed

Bounce Rate
Technical SEO
Meta Descriptions

Title Tags & Meta Tags

Alt Text
Broken Links
Redirect Issues

Site Speed
Conversion Rate
**Google Analytics Access Required

CTA Optimization

IA Barriers

Why Perform a SEO Website Audit?

There are over 200 ranking factors that search engines use to determine whether to rank your web pages. From site speed and meta descriptions, to page authority and backlinks, the reasons why your own site might not be ranking in search results for certain keywords are wide-ranging.

The first thing our seo-audit tool can do is help you pinpoint what on-page or off-site factors are impacting your search engine performance. Our SEO consultants can then walk you through the best practices to improve your optimization and content marketing efforts.

It’s a good idea to perform a full, in-depth seo audit prior to embarking on any link building or SEO campaign. Our free seo tool will provide you initial insights into whether your site needs off-site or on-page SEO, but a full in-depth SEO audit is the best way to start your journey toward better rankings and increased search traffic.


Is the information provided by your SEO Audit tool different from an in-depth audit?
Yes. Our free tool will give you initial insights into your on-page SEO and your backlink profile, but a more comprehensive SEO audit is recommended prior to beginning any SEO campaign.
Do I have to become a new client to access a free trial of your SEO tools?
No! Our tools are available in your dashboard regardless of whether you begin an SEO campaign with us.
Does your site audit tool check my site’s organic traffic?
Yes! As well as your backlinks, keyword rankings, toxic backlinks, and more. For a more comprehensive report of your site, including the impact of your page titles, bounce rate, meta descriptions, external links, or whether your site would benefit from technical seo optimizations like canonical urls, schedule a call with one of our SEO strategists.
How do I know if my current set of keywords are the best choices?
Choosing the right keywords is one of the most important things to get your website ranking. Our seo specialists can also perform a keyword audit and provide new clients with guidance with their current set of keywords. Choosing strategic, high-value keywords is a complicated process, but our SEO experts love to do the hard work.

Free In Depth SEO Audit

If you’d like an in-depth website analysis including SEO errors, book a free consultation with one of our search strategists.