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LinkGraph gets B2B Client Ranking with
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Bright Pattern offers innovative cloud contact center solutions that empower mid- and enterprise-size businesses to deliver great customer experience across all communications and messaging channels, faster and easier than ever before. They are at the forefront of technological innovations and market trends for communication. Bright Pattern invests heavily in research and development to bring those innovations to customers and partners around the globe.
“LinkGraph’s efforts have resulted in a notable improvement in keyword rankings, moving the positions from double-digit pages to the first and second pages. They are a proactive team that uses their expertise to produce results. Additionally, their creative and strategic approach sets them apart."
- Ted Hunting, Senior VP of Marketing

The Problem

When Bright Pattern teamed up with LinkGraph, we recognized that even though they had created a marketable, cutting-edge software technology, their innovative spirit was not reflected in their website design or keyword rankings. At the start of their campaign, multiple lead capture forms spread across their site had left them with no way to effectively track and evaluate existing leads. Without a stronger backlink profile, their site authority held them back from ranking on page 1 and 2 for high-value keywords and from acquiring more leads from organic search.

The 10-Point LinkGraph Solution

1. Content Strategy

LinkGraph built a database of high-value keyword clusters in the call center software space and created a plan to target them through in-depth, high-quality landing pages. Using our proprietary Copy Optimizer software, LinkGraph built long-form keyword optimized landing pages targeting both short-tail and long-tail keywords that were likely to get ranking.

2. Backlink Profile

LinkGraph was confident that a highly-scaled backlink acquisition strategy was key to getting Bright Pattern ranking on page 1 for more high-value keywords. Through white-hat, targeted outreach to trade publications with editorial focus on technology, business, software, and entrepreneurship, LinkGraph built over 775 contextually relevant links for Bright Pattern, a third of which came from referring domains with DA 50+.

3. Page Speed Improvement

In our codebase review, LinkGraph identified multiple issues with how landing pages were created, benchmarking their PSI scores at 20 on mobile and 40 on desktop. In the new landing pages LinkGraph created, our developers followed best practices and high-quality coding standards to achieve PSI scores of 80 and above for mobile and desktop. We also migrated the site away from it’s old DigitalOcean droplet environment to an enterprise-grade hosting environment with fast servers, automatic daily backups, one-click site restores, a CDN, and automatic site reviving.

4. Site Architecture and Page Rank Distribution

Deep-crawls of the site’s internal linking profile revealed the site’s architecture put a lot of PageRank on lower value pages. In our site redesign, LinkGraph planned to re-architect the landing pages and internal linking profile to improve PageRankdistribution, driving PageRank toward landing pages that would be able to rank effectively and drive qualified traffic that would convert into valuable deals for the Company.

5. On-site SEO Tags

LinkGraph discovered problems with the onsite tags that were used throughout the Bright Pattern site. In many cases, the powerful “rel canonical” was misused, preventing critical pages from being properly indexed. In addition, LinkGraph found numerous web pages with title tags that were either duplicate, missing, or under-optimized.

6. Schema.org Markup

Bright Pattern didn’t make use of any schema.org markup like reviews, FAQs, company information, or social media profile bookmarking. By adding schema markup to the site, LinkGraph helped search engines better understand Bright Pattern’s content and boosted their brand visibility through more comprehensive search results with higher CTRs.

7. Content Optimization and Landing Pages

Using our proprietary content optimization tools and strategy, LinkGraph discovered that although Bright Pattern’s landing pages had long-form content, the copy was not well-optimized for the high-value keywords they targeted. By including more necessary Focus Terms, the words and topics our software determined were contextually relevant to their keyword targets, we improved the quality of Bright Pattern’s landing pages, for both users and search engines, and saw strong improvement in rankings.

8. Reworked Conversion Tracking and Lead Attribution

Prior to their campaign, Bright Pattern’s lead capture forms didn’t allow the team to clearly delineate the source of the leads , whether Facebook ads, email campaigns, or referrals. Improving lead attribution allowed the growth team to understand the economic value of these traffic sources’ increased revenue opportunities, so LinkGraph created a lead scoring system for Bright Pattern to better align resources to continue growth.

9. Site Reliability and Stability

Bright Pattern’s site was previously hosted on a single DigitalOcean droplet and needed to follow devops best practices. Recognizing the need for an enterprise-grade worthy hosting environment for the site, LinkGraph migrated Bright Pattern to a more robust solution with daily site backups, self-healing servers, easy provisioning and removal of developer access, and a separate staging environment from production. This improved reliability for the site and made it easier for the LinkGraph developers to rapidly contribute to the site.

10. Website Redesign

After analyzing bounce and conversion rates, we found that Bright Pattern’s legacy HTML design was not optimized for conversions or built to reflect an enterprise-level organization, and it was in need of a redesign. The new web redesign helped differentiate Bright Pattern from their peers as a modern and advanced software company with cutting-edge technology. LinkGraph utilized Google Tags Manager and custom javascript tracking pixels to monitor how users engaged with the site, and harnessed that data to create a more strategic conversion-focused web design with better UI/UX.

“Their project management has been exceptional. The team has been very attentive and helpful, providing us with resources as needed. They are smart individuals. Additionally, LinkGraph has also done some work for us that was outside the scope of the project.”
- Ted Hunting, Senior VP of Marketing

The Results

As a result of LinkGraph’s efforts and data-driven strategy, Bright Pattern has experienced stunning improvements across all KPIs since the start of their SEO campaign. Overall, an 121% increase in goal completions sitewide has proved the most impressive and profitable metric and has motivated the client to remain on an annual campaign.

LinkGraph also achieved our primary goal and helped Bright Pattern earn top SERP placements for multiple high-value keywords. Bright Pattern now ranks on pages 1 or 2 for over 75+ industry-specific keywords in the call center, contact center, and virtual call pace, with CPCs ranging up to $888. Bright Pattern’s keyword rankings are directly translating into higher-quality leads, increased demo bookings, more consultations, and revenue growth.

increase in Goal Completions.
increase in Users
increase in Page Views
increase in Avg.
Session Duration
increase in Conversion Rate
increase in Sessions
reduction in Bounce Rate

Content Score – LinkGraph’s proprietary score that measures the quality of the on-page copy, including length, structure, and inclusion of contextually relevant focus terms.

PSI Score – A score between 0 and 100 that measures the performance of a web page for mobile and desktop devices.

Keyword Rankings – A web page’s position within search results for a particular keyword search query.

“Their creative, strategic approach and the intelligence of their team members is beyond what other companies in the space can provide. Trust and rely on their expertise because they know what they’re doing.”
- Ted Hunting, Senior VP of Marketing

The Most Ambitious Brands LinkGraph

Thanks to LinkGraph’s work, we have seen a 53% increase in their organic traffic. Our search rankings for important keywords have also risen, giving them an extremely competitive edge. The team demonstrated their genuine commitment to our success and was a flexible working partner.
Brad Brenner
CO-Founder & CEO, Therapy Group DC
Our organic traffic has grown substantially. We do have internal channels like content creation, but with LinkGraph’s work and consulting, our traffic rose by over 500% and a lot of our important keywords rank in the top 3 spots.