Technical SEO & SEO Audits

On-site technical SEO for websites of all sizes and audits to help you understand what your website needs to rank.

SEO Audits

We perform a range of audits to evaluate how various SEO metrics and technical issues are impacting your site’s performance in search engine results. Through website audits, our SEO experts can diagnose weaknesses, determine what pages of your website should be given top priority, and offer next steps and best practices of how to improve your site’s search ranking. We crawl your entire site, and through analytics, develop a more discerning, comprehensive SEO strategy that will boost your search performance and make the most out of your budget.

Our audits are opportunities for our SEO experts to pinpoint the major weaknesses of your SEO and marketing efforts, and to offer actionable steps of how to move forward with a more beneficial, profitable SEO strategy. Because we are a full service SEO and digital marketing agency, our audits come with an integrated SEO perspective accompanied by the expertise of our digital marketers.

Depending on your business goals, it is often a good idea to pair an SEO audit with any technical audit, as on-site content plays a significant role in creating organic traffic and getting your website to appear more frequently in search results.

Keyword Audit

In our Keyword audit, our SEO experts provide extensive keyword analysis on the relevant search terms that are crucial to your site’s rank factor. Using Google Analytics to fully understand your traffic, our keyword audit identifies which target keywords your site already ranks for, what particular keywords your competitors are ranking for, and what new keywords with low difficulty and higher conversion rates present opportunities for your site to quickly gain organic traffic. Identifying more strategic keyword phrases or long-tail keywords is often the easiest way to move up in the SERPs. Our keyword audit is a smart first step to improving the frequency of your search appearances in minimal time.

Backlink Audit

Our backlink audit includes a detailed report of all the domains linking to your own site along with their relative domain authorities, trust flows, and citation flows. In this SEO audit, we help you identify and disavow toxic backlinks, identify broken links, and evaluate whether the anchor texts and urls that populate your link profile are positively or negatively impacting your search rankings. This audit is an important first step for any SEO strategy, but in particular link building. Because backlinks are one of the most important ranking factors for search engines, this audit is essential for any website owners who are wanting to boost the impact of their link profile and build up their own page authority.

On-Site SEO Audit

In this audit, our content team evaluates your page content — homepage, landing pages, blog posts, and any other internal pages. We will determine how your site is viewed by search engine crawlers and determine whether a sitemap would increase search engine performance. We then evaluate what page elements need copy optimization or a more strategic refocus on target keywords. We red flag any thin content or duplicate content. This audit also measures how title tags. meta tags, or meta descriptions are influencing your rankings in search results. For those who want to revamp their overall content strategy, our on-page seo audit is a simple step in identifying how more unique content and landing pages could significantly boost seo performance.

Talk to a SEO Specialist
For a better understanding of the which audit would be the best for your business, talk to one of our SEO Specialists.

Topical Depth Analysis Audit

In this very effective SEO audit, we perform a complete content analysis of your entire website. We evaluate the number of pages, internal links, category pages, rate of new content related to specific topics, and use google analytics to target long-tail keywords that could provide opportunities to enhance the topical depth on your site. Instead of keywords and page optimization, this audit looks at how your long form content on your web pages or wordpress blog could be better utilized to establish your brand expertise and increase your overall domain authority.

PPC Audit

Our PPC audit evaluates the effectiveness of your PPC campaigns. We provide thorough competitor analysis of your campaign quality scores, impressions, and CTR with those in the same spend bracket. We analyze the basics of your PPC campaigns to pinpoint any wasted spend and discover opportunities for ad-text optimization. If you have been struggling to find value in your PPCs, this audit is a smart first step before moving forward with any changes to your GoogleAds strategy.

UI/UX Audit

Website design and site architecture can be a major factor in poor search engine performance, particularly if page speed or load time is resulting in higher bounce rates or if the user experience is not translating to conversions. In this audit, we use persona mapping and usability testing to evaluate the functionality of your site. We red flag problem areas, look for accessibility issues, and determine what would make the design more streamlined and logical for users. We then make technical recommendations of what html improvements would enhance the user experience and site architecture to make for more pleasing exploration that leads to higher conversions.

SEO Software

All of our clients get access to our proprietary SEO software suite. This will equip your brand to harness the power of data-driven SEO by keyword research, optimize your landing pages and blog posts, or check your Domain Authority and backlink profile
How do I know if I need an audit?

Whether you’re stumped about your search engine rankings, don’t know what a xml sitemap is, or just don’t understand SEO analytics, a professional audit is an important first step in problem solving.

What exactly does an audit include?

Our audit process begins with an initial phone call between you and one or our SEO experts. After the audit is complete, we provide a detailed written report and present those findings over the phone. Our audits serve as great guides for how to best move forward if you choose to pursue website redesign, move forward with link building, or begin any SEO or content marketing campaign.

Can I use the audit data to make changes myself?

Although we’d love to help you solve the problems identified in the audit, we understand you may already have a team in house. The important thing is to provide an accurate diagnosis so you can take the necessary steps toward improving your site’s performance.

Isn't all of this information available in Google Analytics, Google Search Console, or ahrefs?

Although Google Analytics and Search Console are great tools to understand your site traffic and monitor your search engine rankings, our audits are far more diagnostic. We use additional SEO tools, pair detailed reasoning with data, and offer informed suggestions on how to proceed. Our SEO experts formulate your audit with your specific brand, company, or small business goals in mind. Our audits have been essential for clients who felt confused or overwhelmed by their search performance.

Do I get a discount if I schedule multiple audits?

Many of our audits are even more helpful when paired with others, so yes, we offer special pricing for multiple audits. Talk to one of our account managers for details on discount pricing.

I have so much to learn about SEO. What do I need to know?

We have an amazing Blog and Learning Center that offers information and instructional guides for using SEO to help your company or small business. Our blog resources are free to you and will help you become your own SEO expert.

I want to keep working with you! What's next?

Great! Let your audit representative know. They will connect you with the necessary experts who will help you determine the next steps.