[vc_row][vc_column][vc_single_image image=”1221″ img_size=”large” alignment=”center”][vc_column_text]The chart above maps the observed correlation between Domain Authority (Moz DA) and Domain Rating (Ahrefs DR) across a large sampling of sites. As you can see from the discrepancy between the X and Y axes, there is no single metric that reliably quantifies domain relevance. So to really asses the situation, we need more information.

Each industry’s competitive landscape is different. We observe trends industry-by-industry in order to isolate specific needs. These tactical SEO strategies allow clients to capitalize on the shortcomings of their direct competitors and maximize their brand’s reach on the web.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

Our Method

Before we make any specific recommendations to a client, we first ask for the names of their closest competitors. From there, we research specific competitive landscape for that client.

By running a backlink analysis and technical SEO comparative study, we make sense of the subtle nuances present in each client’s space. We focus on a few major points:

  • Link building techniques
  • Backlinking velocity and DA distribution
  • Content strategies
  • Anchor text distribution


Backlink Profile Analysis

We combine readily-available metrics with proprietary analysis software to better understand each client’s current position as well as their competitors’.

This analysis give clients a clear picture as to how they stack up to their competitors in terms of backlinks sorted by domain authority (see graph below).
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In the above graph, each line represents the backlink profile of a specific company within an industry. The light blue line on the bottom of this graph represents a client that needs to do some serious linkbuilding if it wants to catch up to its competitors! On the other hand, the green line shows a client that’s already doing well. For this client, we quantified exactly what it would take to surpass their leading competition. We advised the number of links they needed per month and the DA distribution those links needed to follow.


Competitor Strategy Comparison

We break down specific strategies applied by a client’s competitors, evaluate the success of those strategies, and work to develop our recommendations in order to optimize each client’s budget for the most immediate ROI in this context.

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What do the above graphs tell us? They show us when a client’s competitor is doing something ineffective. This could be any number of mistakes, from getting penalized for black hat practices to a disparity between the effectiveness and consistency of their SEO activity. Once we uncover your competition’s strategy, we see where their weaknesses and shortcuts are–and where you can gain an advantage.

Curious? Let us conduct a free SEO Assessment for you. Submit the form below, and we’ll work with you to develop the right strategy. 


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