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SearchAtlas vs. Clearscope

See why more content creators say SearchAtlas is the clear choice for content optimization

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More powerful tools. Far better price.

For only $49/month, content marketing professionals can access the power of SearchAtlas' content assistant to write better content with more ranking potential. With a built in keyword research tool and a metatag analysis feature, SearchAtlas offers more content insights with a single SEO tool. For those SEO and content marketing professionals who want more than just content optimization, all of SearchAtlas' award-winning SEO tools are available at only $99/month (compared to Clearscope’s $170/month). Add in SearchAtlas’ ease of use, and Clearscope just can’t measure up to the power of the SearchAtlas software suite.

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The same great features. Double the projects.

SearchAtlas' starter subscription allows content creators to optimize up to 40 pieces of content per month. Clearscope's minimum plan only offers 20 content pieces. SearchAtlas provides the same main features like suggested number of words, keyword data, grade summary, interactive highlighting, and readability analysis. Like Clearscope, you can use the SEO Content Assistant directly in Google Docs via the SearchAtlas Chrome extension. The SearchAtlas suite has more new features and tools arriving monthly, and with one amazing tool, you can improve the ranking potential of any piece of content.

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Know which competitors are using suggested terms.

SearchAtlas not only provides suggested terms to add to your content, it helps you understand why those particular keywords are so powerful. SearchAtlas' content assistant makes it easy to do SEO research with just a single click. Scroll over any Focus Term in the right sidebar to see which competitors are also using that particular keyword in their content. Click the provided url to review the piece of content with less effort and understand why it's performing well in Google rankings. Use your competitor's content as a model for how to write better content and rank higher.

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Unlock the potential of more than one SEO tool.

Unlike, SearchAtlas provides more than just a content optimization tool. To rank for high CPC and competitive keywords, you need to conquer SEO from every angle. Find keyword and organic traffic opportunities with the Keyword Explorer. Conduct SEO research on other relevant content with SERP details and overview. Outline a link building outreach campaign with our link intersect feature. Clearscope customers miss out on other tools needed to earn higher rankings, but with SearchAtlas' 10 award-winning tools, you'll have the software and metrics you need to execute a full-scale SEO campaign with less effort.

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Why SearchAtlas is the most powerful tool for content creators

Search engines rely on natural language processing to understand relevant content and promote it in the SERPs. Google has gotten better at understanding relevant content, and not only does it look for your target keywords on the page, but all of the relevant terms, phrases, subtopics, and questions that have a semantic relationship to your target keyword. A SaaS tool like the SEO Content Assistant can help you create better content by identifying the LSI keywords and word count needed to outrank your competitors for any profitable keyword search. Whether your brand reiles on a freelance writer or an in-house content marketing team, SearchAtlas offers more projects, more tools, and more power than Clearscope.

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More keywords targets = More keyword rankings.

SearchAtlas provides more features and data than Clearscope to assist your keyword targeting and research. Not sure which keywords to optimize for? Our software suggests keyword targets based on the competitive landscape of your industry, your website’s authority, and the relevance of your content. Optimize your landing pages or blog posts for up to 10 keyword targets (far more than any other content tool) so you can get your page ranking for hundreds of more relevant keyword searches.

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What is SearchAtlas?
SearchAtlas is a powerful SEO software suite brought to you by the SEO pros at LinkGraph. The platform consists of 10 award-winning tools and is designed for digital marketers, site owners, and SEO professionals. The award-winning tools can help you execute a multi-tiered SEO campaign and perform better in search engines. If you're interested in learning more about the software tools, the first thing to do is sign up for a free trial and explore the dashboard.
What is Clearscope?
Clearscope is a content optimization tool that helps users optimize their content with LSI keywords that have a relationship to the particular keyword the user wants their content to rank for. The tool also suggests a number of words for the content, performs keyword research, and also helps users outline their content. Clearscope offers a minimum $170/month subscription plan in order to create and optimize 20 pieces of content.
What is the SEO Content Assistant?
The SEO Content Assistant is one of 10 award-winning tools in the SearchAtlas software suite. LIke Clearscope, the SEO Content Assistant can help users do keyword research, outline and create content, and add powerful LSI keywords that hold more SEO power. The lower price and ease of use make the SEO Content Assistant plan ideal for any freelance writer, SEO professional, or content marketing team that wants to earn higher rankings for their content.
What is content optimization?
The content optimization process is all about trying to write better content to rank for the keyword search or phrases your target audience is using. There are really no cons to investing in on-page SEO, and software tools can help you do this. Some offer a content grade or letter grades for your readability, others suggest a number of words for your content. SearchAtlas provides the SEO Content Assistant in our software dashboard or our interactive sidebar in Google docs to help users perform content optimization. For a quick tip and actionable recommendations on improving on-page SEO, the first thing you should do is check out our content optimization ebook .
How does the SEO Content Assistant compare to other content tools besides Clearscope?
There are other content optimization tools out there besides From Marketmuse content briefs to a Clearscope report, content creators have a lot of options for their content tooks. None measure up to SearchAtlas' SEO Content Assistant. Lower price. More tools. Bigger data. All the metrics you need to get your content higher rankings.