What are your customers seeing when they search for your business’ name? Is the first page full of positive reviews that build confidence and trust, or are the results a little less than desirable? Nowadays, your reputation is the driving force of your business, and customer approval is more important than ever. That’s why it’s never too early — or too late — to start considering a reputation management campaign to take control of your company’s narrative.

Developing positive reviews

If you were choosing between two restaurants, would you go for the one with a Google business listing plagued with diner complaints or the one filled with reviews praising the food and service?

positive review can do a world of good for increasing site traffic and boosting conversion rates. Likewise, a negative one is a digital red flag waving in front of your business. Attracting favorable, real reviews is one of LinkGraph’s specialties. We work to make sure the first impression a customer gets of your business is one that makes them want to learn more about you and what you have to offer.

Local citation building

It’s important for your business to maintain a unified presence across all online directories. If you aren’t leveraging the power of online business directories, be it on websites, apps, or through social media, you’re missing out on a large segment of potential customers. Online citation building is a great way for internet users to discover your business and the services you offer. Not only so, but uniform local citations can even impact local search engine ranking to help your business be more visible to your local audience. LinkGraph will work to ensure the core components of your business citation are uniform, accurate, and present across various online directories.

Fresh off the press

It’s one thing to draft an internal news release, it’s another altogether to get your audience to interact with it. Anyone can craft a press release and click “publish,” but getting your content published (or syndicated) by a major news channel is a different feat altogether. If you’re not writing actionable content and distributing it across the proper channels, you’re selling yourself short.

Whether you’re announcing new features, an upcoming product release, or highlighting your newly hired staff members, a well-constructed news release won’t make a difference unless it’s presented to the right audience.

Stumped on writing and distributing a news release? Let LinkGraph handle it for you. With LinkGraph’s resources, your press release could be published by one or more marquee publications–including, but not limited to publications like Forbes and The Huffington Post –ultimately helping you reach your target audience for optimal brand awareness and engagement.

When it comes to announcing new product lines, entering a new market, or even partnering with a new firm, large readership has never been more accessible.

Protect your reputation

Your digital reputation is the first thing many of your prospective customers will see, but don’t let it be the last. If you’re proactive about how you appear to the digital world, you’re one step ahead of the rest of your competition. Rely on the experts at LinkGraph to tailor a reputation management campaign that fits the size and scope of your business and gets you on the path to greater success.