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HARO Link-Building Service

Help a Report Out (HARO) link building provides a win-win for websites seeking high-authority backlinks and for reporters seeking high-quality stories.

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What is HARO Link Building?

Help-A-Reporter-Out (HARO) is a service from Cision that helps journalists and publishers find industry experts and linkable content assets. HARO provides daily emails from media professionals looking to source business experts or feature engaging content

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How Does LinkGraph’s HARO Link Building Service Work?

Leverage Your Industry Expertise

Journalists are pros at placing stories where they’ll get the greatest viewership–however, they rely on business owners and expert sources for accurate information.

Natural Backlinks from Big Media Publications

Our digital marketing professionals provide daily HARO monitoring and have a high success rate of connecting webmasters with top media outlets.

Better Results - Lower Lift

Typical backlink outreach is a high-effort undertaking. A HARO approach to link building easily connects reporters in need of fresh stories and high-quality content.

Headlines That Grab Attention

Make the most of your HARO outreach by offering stories and content that gets reporters excited.

Frequently Asked Questions
How does HARO link building compare to LinkGraph's other backlink services?

HARO link building is the most premier link building service offered at LinkGraph because of the authority of the websites and large readership of the target publications. However, we cannot guarantee dofollow links or specific anchor text in our HARO link building campaigns. For guaranteed dofollow links, domain authority, or organic traffic links, consider our traditional link building service.

How long does it take to earn my HARO links?

We have an estimated HARO link building turnaround time of 2-3 months. This is because all of our outreach is done manually by our PR professionals to get you quality links through the HARO email service. We monitor every HARO request so your brand never misses an opportunity to connect your content with the journalists looking for it.

Is HARO link building a Google-compliant link building strategy?

Yes! Google loves backlinks that come through original content. SEO agencies who offer HARO link building are providing high quality links in a way that meets Google’s link building standards. Although more expensive, purchasing low-quality links can be a huge mistake and prevent your website from ranking in the SERPs. White-hat strategies like HARO pitch and HARO outreach are more resource intensive, but they pay off in the long-term.

What other backlink services does your link building agency offer?

If HARO SEO is not the right choice for your business model, you can explore our traditional backlink building services or a la carte offerings. We earn links through high quality, original content and manual outreach to our network of publisher partners.

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