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The LinkGraph Guarantee

Improvement in the baseline of your site’s SEO metrics, guaranteed.

800+ organizations trust LinkGraph to drive growth

What can you expect from an SEO campaign with LinkGraph?

We promise results in your site’s baseline SEO performance within the first 6 months of beginning any SEO campaign contract that is fully managed by the LinkGraph team. Improvements can include any of the following key performance indicators: an overall increase in your site’s search impressions, increased organic search traffic, improvement in keyword ranking positions, or an increase in the total number of keywords your site ranks for.

Win Industry Backlinks

We earn high-value backlink outreach opportunities to strengthen your site authority. A more authoritative website results in greater ranking potential.

Increase Organic Traffic

Ranking is great. Clicks are even better. Through strategic meta tag optimization, we work to increase how many searchers click onto your site from search engine results pages.

Gain Relevant Keywords

LinkGraph’s award-winning SEO content creation services help your site become discoverable in search engines.

Strengthen Your Overall Rank

When your site ranks higher in the SERPs, you have a higher likelihood of gaining clicks, impressions, and search visibility.

How Can LinkGraph Guarantee SEO Results?

Our track record of demonstrated, measurable results makes us confident that we can provide SEO gains through our fully-managed campaigns. Other SEO providers hesitate to offer SEO results, but due to our extensive experience and proprietary software, we are confident in the services and strategy we provide. We have helped hundreds of brands improve their baseline metrics, and we know we can do the same for your website.

Take your site to the next level with guaranteed results

Win clicks without the risk

What’s Covered by the LinkGraph Guarantee?

We can provide you with positive results through any LinkGraph marketing services. However, we limit our guarantee to just LinkGraph-managed SEO campaigns. Why? Our fully-managed SEO services allow us to take a holistic approach to your SEO strategy. There are so many components needed to ensure measurable improvement, and our fully-managed campaigns give us the greatest control over your site’s SERP performance. With a managed campaign, our team has the chance to demonstrate the full range of our SEO capabilities by refining your SEO strategy to reflect your business’s exact needs for the highest probability and greatest efficiency for long-term SEO success.

What Is Not Covered in the LinkGraph Guarantee?

Our SEO services are a surefire way to improve your site’s SEO status. However, there are some aspects of SEO that are unpredictable and not within our control. Should any of these circumstances arise, LinkGraph cannot be accountable for a lack of results: choosing not to follow LinkGraph’s SEO strategy recommendations, beginning a campaign with a pre-existing trend of declining traffic, and ranking algorithm updates that result in a sudden drop in traffic.

Why Choose the LinkGraph Guarantee?

Businesses rely on Google to connect their products and services with qualified traffic. Because a search query is the equivalent of a qualified lead, you receive traffic that is interested in using your services, buying your products, or learning about an aspect of your niche. Unlike other approaches to marketing, SEO allows customers interested in businesses like yours to find your site with ease. This search traffic has a profound effect on your ROI and conversion rates. Without a guarantee, you are risking less impactful campaign results and the future livelihood of your business.

Improvement in the baseline of your site’s SEO metrics, guaranteed

A Full-Spectrum Approach to Your SEO Tackle the Technical Aspects of SEO Technical optimization turns your site from ordinary to extraordinary through targeted improvements to indexability, meta tags, schema, and more.

Improve Usability
Google doesn’t just index your site for keywords. Search success requires optimal site infrastructure and speed. Our team has the skills, expertise, and tools to identify, fix, and optimize your site for Olympic usability.

Your Site as a Source for the Best Content Content creation creates staying power in the SERPs. We employ keyword best practices coupled with editorial and industry expertise to turn your site into an information hub for your target audience.

A Bold Approach to SEO

Not all agencies can guarantee results. Discover how we can help your business rank.

Frequently Asked Questions
Why does it take 4 to 6 months to see SEO results?

Search engines such as Google are constantly improving the capabilities of their algorithms. These updates aid the search engines in sorting out sites that do not provide search value versus sites that provide the best value and experience for all users. One aspect of this process includes taking into account the lifespan, reputation, and overall content on a site in relation to one landing page. These quality factors require time to build as well as time for the algorithms to recognize and view as the site’s status quo. Our SEO guarantee reflects a 6-month timeline, which provides us enough time to produce results through your site’s custom strategy.

What sets LinkGraph apart from other SEO companies?

LinkGraph is an award-winning SEO agency with a proprietary search engine optimizer and a team of SEO experts. Our SEO specialists and account manager s form a special relationship with each of their clients and potential clients in order to better understand their business goals and reach their target audiences through good SEO. Business owners’ goals are our goals.

As a renowned SEO company, we have built our reputation on building our clients’ Domain Ratings through high-quality backlinks, expert content, and seamless user experiences. Every content strategy we develop reflects website owners’ needs, whether it be engaging audiences at a local business level such as real estate or international SEO.

Can SEO be guaranteed?

The LinkGraph Guarantee differs from a standard SEO guarantee in that we are an SEO agency that works to improve the entirety of your site’s search engine appeal for guaranteed results. We do not promise specific search engine rankings or keyword rankings. Instead, we promise to improve your site’s overall SEO health from a custom strategy and the best customer care.

Can you guarantee keyword ranking?

No SEO company can give you an SEO guarantee that promises specific rankings for keywords in search results. Not only does Google frown upon SEO guarantees that promise specific search engine rankings (especially those on the first page of results), but there are so many different factors and updates in the world of SEO that no keywords rankings are a guarantee.

What do you get with fully-managed search engine optimization services?

First, you receive the LinkGraph SEO guarantee. From there, you gain the best service from a leading SEO agency, including an SEO digital marketing strategy designed to improve your Google rankings through content management and expert keyword research and strategy, technical SEO support, UI/UX support, and a dedicated project manager.

See why the world's best companies choose LinkGraph to drive leads, traffic and revenue.

“They are dedicated to our success and are a thoughtful sounding board when we run ideas by them - sometimes on ideas and projects that are tangential to our main SEO project with them. Also, I love that they allow for shorter-term contracts compared to the usual 1-year contract with other SEO companies. Lastly, they deliver on their promises.”

Brad Brenner
Ph.D, Co-Founder & CEO Therapy Group DC