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Using the Tools

Learn how LinkGraph SEO Insights can help you level up your SEO performance.

Welcome to LinkGraph GSC Insights!

This tool is designed to help site owners, SEO strategists, and digital marketing agencies track SERP performance with more granularity. By linking your Google Search Console account with our tool, you will get access to real-time metrics and data visualizations that help you understand your website’s keyword rankings and organic traffic.

This is a summary of the multiple features available in our Google Search Console tool. For more detailed information on how to use the tool for keyword tracking, SEO A/B testing, data collection, or content strategy, see our in-depth tutorial articles.

Before using the Google Search Console tool, you need to link and verify your Google Search Console account. For more details on how to connect your account, click here.

After you select the date range that you want to review metrics for, the tool will populate with real-time data straight from Google.

Keyword Position History:

Keyword Position History allows users to track and analyze a website’s keyword rankings going back two years. Filter the Keyword Position History graph by:

  • Position 1-3
  • Position 4-10
  • Page 2
  • Page 3+

Ideally, websites will see their overall number of organic keywords improve over time, as well as the percentage of those keyword rankings that appear on the first page of the SERPs. This feature of the Google Search Console Tool is the best way to get an overview of whether your website is moving in the right direction with your SEO strategy.

Search Summary:

The most important metrics for understanding your website’s search performance include keyword rankings, impressions, and organic traffic. The Google Search Console Tool will provide you the total metrics for each based on the selected date range.

The tool also displays how your performance has fluctuated day-to-day over the selected time period.

The “Economic Value of Traffic,” pulls real data from both Google Search Console and Google Ads to measure the economic value of your organic clicks. Read our detailed tutorial for more information on how to use this metric to forecast and quantify ROI for your SEO campaigns.

Google Change:

The Google Change feature represents the total number of positions your website gained or lost each day over the specified date range.

This feature allows you to track your average gain or loss across all keywords. It is a great feature for understanding how big picture changes to your website impact your overall SEO performance. You can use Google change to see the impact of:

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