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What is the Toxic Backlinks Checker?

The toxic backlink checker tool allows users to check domain and page-level metric information for a target url, and identify bad backlinks. This is particularly useful for surfacing poor quality links in your own backlink profile.

Spammy or bad backlinks can really damage your seo efforts and harm your domain’s Google rankings. You can also view granular link data for each domain. Getting a detailed report from a link checker lets webmasters know what steps they’ll need to take to perform if a toxic link detox is needed.

Why are backlinks so crucial?

Backlinks are valuable because they’re essentially votes of confidence from other websites. Backlinks, also known as inbound links or incoming links, are created when one website links to another. All external links, links that point to an external domain, are considered backlinks. The higher the authority of the site linking to your domain, the more valuable that link will be as part of your backlink profile.

Building new backlinks is a crucial part of your off-site SEO. Generally speaking, dofollow backlinks from trustworthy and popular sites are going to be the most important for a high-quality complete backlink profile.

Backlinks are important for search engines because they can indicate content that is worth linking to. If many external sites are linking to your content, then it’s likely that your content is valuable, and you’ll have an easier time boosting your site in the SERPs.

Not all backlinks provide the same value or transfer the same amount of search equity between sites. For example, links with a NOFOLLOW attribute, Sponsored attribute, or User-Generated content attribute pass along significantly less equity than DOFOLLOW links. Separately spammy sites or sites using deceptive anchor text practices can actually have a negative impact on your rankings. We consider these toxic links.

Naturally, toxic links or any low-quality links from untrusted sites will damage your portfolio, and accruing enough of these could put you in need of a link detox. Any DOFOLLOW backlinks will pass link equity between sites, which can be good for your trust flow, but it’s important not to dismiss the value of NOFOLLOW links, as just having a positive mention on other high-quality sites can give you a boost.

Of course, you won’t just be collecting backlinks from other sites—you’ll also be giving out backlinks yourself, and the way you go about this matters. The links you create to other sites will differ in value due to the authority of the site you’re linking to, but there are other factors as well. These can include the anchor text you use, whether you choose a DOFOLLOW link or a NOFOLLOW link, and any meta tag associated with the site. While not the topic of this piece, outbound linking can also help improve your SEO.

SEO Software

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Influencing Domain Authority

There are several important metrics to monitor when trying to improve search rankings for your site. The one that webmasters have traditionally focused on is traffic, even though traffic is a lagging indicator for search rankings.

As an aggregate metric, organic traffic is simple to check at a glance in google analytics, and can give you a sense of how your entire domain is performing. However, this metric does not help you understand which keywords (searches) are leading users to click into your site.

To learn more about your exact SERP visibility you’ll need to use search-engine specific tools, like Google Search Console. Search console will give you a better (although not exact) understanding of how your domain is being positioned in the SERPs for individual keywords.

Google still hides certain information, so it’s not perfectly accurate data, but Search Console gives you high level visibility into how your site is performing for specific searches – including average ranking position over time, and organic clicks. Search visibility is a leading indicator for ranking improvements.

The more often google is showing your domain in the search results, the more likely you are to see your individual rankings increase and the more likely it is that your domain is appearing as a result for a broader range of searches.

Outside of the Google product suite, you should track your site’s domain authority. This is Moz metric scores domains on a scale of 1-100 based on their overall search equity, which they call domain authority (DA). Domain Authority is a leading indicator for Search Visibility improvements.

It is worth noting that the way DA and other metrics are determined can change from time to time, so it’s worth keeping updated. On that note, the google algorithm can also change, which can significantly affect rankings. One of the most notable algorithm updates was Penguin in 2012, which sought to derank spammy sites from its search results. Staying up to date on all changes to Google is crucial for seo efforts.

Moz’s DA is determined by a variety of factors, but one of the most critical is your backlink profile. Your backlink profile is comprised of all instances of other sites linking to your site.

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Building High Quality Backlinks

If you want to significantly improve your search engine rankings, you’ll need to develop a link building strategy. There are, of course, some blackhat methods of obtaining backlinks, such as paying for unnatural links, but these tactics are generally considered negative seo and could easily result in a google penalty in the long run. It’s better to employ more trusted methods.

Infographics are in high demand, and for good reason. They’re easy to understand, and everyone likes visual data. Likely the best method is to research statistical data for your infographic, turn the date into visuals, and then post it somewhere it’s likely to generate valuable new backlinks. Something as simple as a line chart can be a good start, and if you want a chance at lots of social shares, you might consider hiring a designer for more complex graphics.

Another way to build high quality backlinks is as a guest blogger on other sites. This lets you get more exposure from other audiences, and if you’re linking your content on a particularly popular blog, you can increase your traffic dramatically. Guest blogging can also help increase your social media followers in addition to your traffic. One way to find leads for guest blogs is to find influential sources who regularly post guest blogs and see if you can pitch to the same sites they do.

Speaking of following other sites, it can be very worthwhile to spy on your competitors. You can, of course, keep up to date with your competitors’ social media movements to see if there’s anything you can learn. What’s often better, however, is to set up alerts for them. Subscribing to their newsletters is one way to do this, so you’ll be up to date when they publish on their own sites. If you want to go a step further, you can set up a link alert in Google to let you know whenever the specified url posts new content.

It’s also important that search engines continue to see other sites link to yours over time, this tells search engines that your content is still relevant. Majestic even tracks the freshest backlinks in a separate “fresh index”, weighting them more heavily as newer links are better indicators of relevancy and new links are more likely to still be live.

For more leads on new links, it may be worthwhile to use open site explorer. This is a moz search engine designed specifically to track links to your website.

Removing Bad Links

When optimizing your site, it’s important to do more than build good backlinks. You’ll also need to start removing harmful links.

After using the free backlink checker tool to identify your bad backlinks, there are a few courses of action you can take. If the harmful links are on your own site, you can take manual action and simply delete the links yourself. If you’re finding a bad link to your site on another website, you can contact the webmaster of the site and file a request to remove it.

If you’re still finding a large amount of toxic backlinks, and you feel you’ve exhausted your options for link detox, you can use the Google disavow tool. A disavow file created in the disavow tool essentially requests Google not to take the disavowed links into consideration when ranking your site. This won’t help you get rid of a google penalty you’ve already received, but it may be a great opportunity to avoid a new one. Once all your link detox efforts are made, you can submit a reconsideration request with Google to see if your rankings increase.

It’s important to perform regular monitoring of your backlink profile for toxic links. Performing this process manually can be cumbersome. SemRush and Majestic offer paid tools, but there are a number of free backlink checker tools to help you with the process that are just as effective.

LinkGraph’s own Backlink Checker provides you full visibility into the domains linking to your site. Our backlink explorer provides key metrics such as the domain’s Majestic citation flow (CF), Majestic trust flow (TF), and which domains are providing bad backlinks. LinkGraph’s tool considers all toxic markers and recommends sites for a disavow. You can review the recommendations, select the ones you agree with, and generate a CSV file right from our backlink checker.

Even better, the LinkGraph backlink checker tool can also help you compare your backlink profile to the profiles of your top competitors. This backlink analysis feature will help you understand how your link building efforts have stacked up against your competitors.

You can even use our spammy links toggle to remove bad backlinks from the comparison. This will give you a sense of the true link building gap between your site and competitor sites.

If you need additional help optimizing your site, there are some great free tools available like google search console, which can help you improve your chances of ranking. If you feel the free options aren’t doing everything you need, you can still get a free trial of many premium services (ex: majestic seo, semrush, raven tools, or LRT).