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10 Small Business SEO Tips to Earn New Customers

As a small business owner, chances are you’ve already heard of search engine optimization (SEO). Regardless of your business’s size, it’s an incredibly important digital marketing technique. Knowing the importance of digital marketing is one thing, but actually having time to execute a comprehensive small business SEO strategy for your business is another.  As a […]

4 Local SEO Tools to Boost Site Traffic and Foot Traffic

For any local business that wants to appear at the top of the SERP results, local SEO tools can help get you there. Local SEO has a lot of moving parts. But getting your website into local search rankings for your geographic area can be an affordable and efficient way to drive traffic to your […]

Does Your Favorite SEO Tool Have Accurate SEO Rank Tracking?

When it comes to understanding your website’s keyword rankings, there are multiple tools available that can help you track your SEO progress. You’ve likely heard of SEMRush or Ahrefs, but did you know that those tools only see about 30-40% of the keywords your website ranks for? If you want accurate SEO rank tracking, those […]

SEO Case Study: How LinkGraph Reached Page 1 for a Competitive SEO Keyword in Just 3 Months

Ranking for high-value keywords in the SEO space can be very challenging. Not only are SEO brands and agencies competing against top search engine experts, most SEO keywords are extremely competitive to rank for and dominated by the same big brands (e.g. Moz, SEMrush, Ahrefs, etc.).  Prior to this SEO case study, LinkGraph had already […]

SEO Reporting Software For Clients – An Overview

Finding clients is a challenge. With a long-term service like SEO, keeping them can be even harder. As an account manager or salesperson in a digital agency, you have to show clients, whether small businesses or major corporations, quality SEO results on a regular basis in order to keep them engaged and excited about your […]

4 Cost-Effective SEO Strategies that You Can Implement Right Now

Do you have a boss or client putting pressure on you to get results, but with a limited budget? How do you make your SEO dollars stretch the furthest? Any tactic will use resources. Whether internal or external resources are used, there’s always a cost to higher search rankings. So what are the most cost-effective […]

5 of the Most Impactful SEO Content Marketing Moves to Improve your Organic Traffic

SEO is a symphony of factors all coming together to make your website sing – or to fall into chaos. With so many aspects of organic search to track and manage, where can a content marketer or SEO expert make the most impact?  We’ve helped clients rank for thousands of keywords, and we’ve found that […]