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6 SEO Agency Tools to Accelerate your Client Growth Campaigns

By Brittany Bronson
Mar 18, 2021
SEO Agency Tools

For digital marketing professionals, having the right SEO Agency tools to execute a multi-tiered approach is key to growing your client base. As your clients’ websites improve in search appearances, their digital marketing and SEO needs will change. Without the right SEO software or different tools to execute your strategy, your clients may forgo your services and pursue a larger agency with more robust solutions.

The right SEO agency tools can also help you prove the value of your SEO agency services to your clients. Comprehensive SEO reports that include organic traffic, keyword rankings, conversion metrics, and analytics data are key. They can be the difference in clients choosing to stay with your agency for longer contracts or increase their digital marketing budgets.

These 6 SEO agency software tools will help you execute your strategy and provide the best services to clients. Whether you’re focused on on-page optimizations or growing your client’s site authority through off-site techniques, these tools will help you leverage every competitive edge.

Also, they will help you grow your client base and your own agency revenue.

#1: GSC Insights: A Real-Time Keyword Rankings Tool to Track SEO Progress

GSC Insights Keyword Position History GIF

The GSC Insights dashboard provides digital agencies a way to track keyword rankings for multiple domains. Many SEO companies rely on Google Search Console and Google Analytics to track the progress of their client’s campaigns. However, the limited dashboard design and visualizations leave a lot to be desired.

With LinkGraph’s GSC Insights, you can get more out of Google Search Console data. Some of the features include:

  • Keyword rank tracking for the entire history of your clients’ domains
  • Page Groupings feature to compare the performance of similar types of content
  • Understand the economic value of your clients’ organic traffic
  • Keyword Traffic by position to better understand HTML optimizations like page titles, meta descriptions, and CTR metrics
  • Granular, real-time data to perform SEO A/B testing and SEO research

The GSC Insights dashboard is built over Google’s API. This means the data is the most accurate picture SEO professionals can get of their clients SEO performance. The dashboard is the best SEO tool for tracking multiple domains. It will help your agency understand client search engine performance on a more granular level.

How to Get Started with the Tool

Once your client adds your SEO agency as a user in Google Search Console, you can link their GSC account with the GSC insights tool. After your client’s accounts are linked, the tool will populate with their website’s search metrics. You can track multiple websites in your account and share access with other members of your digital agency’s in-house team.

GSC insights will equip you with detailed information and powerful data to elevate the SEO services you provide to clients. When your SEO clients see how their keyword rankings and website traffic have improved over the course of their SEO campaign, they’ll be more inclined to trust your marketing agency or SEO pros to make informed decisions about their website.

How does GSC Insights compare to other SEO Tracking tools for agencies?

  • GSC Insights will show all of the keywords your clients’ websites rank for. SEO software like Ahrefs will only show a portion of organic keywords based on the limited SERPs that their bots crawl
Comparison between organic keywords in Ahrefs and LinkGraph's GSC Insights
  • Unlike other popular keyword tracking tools like Google Search Console, GSC Insights pairs SEO metrics with compelling visuals. This helps your clients see the growth your agency has helped them achieve over time
Historical keyword data in Google Search Console
Historical Keyword Data in Google Search Console
Historical keyword data in LinkGraph's GSC Insights
Historical Keyword Data in GSC Insights
  • By pulling real-time data from Google Search Console and Google Ads, the GSC Insights tool provides a more accurate picture of the economic value of your team member’s SEO optimizations. This helps you prove your value to your agency clients

#2: The SEO Content Optimizer: An On-Page SEO Tool to Help Your Clients’ Web Pages Rank

LinkGraph's SEO Content Optimizer

The SEO content optimizer helps your agency’s content writers and content marketers. They can use the tool to optimize your clients’ landing pages and blog posts for high-value keywords in any industry niche.

Many digital marketing agencies provide on-page optimization on a regular basis. Content optimization software can help streamline the content creation process for better and faster results.

The LinkGraph SEO Content optimizer software scans the first two pages of the SERP results for your clients’ target keywords. It then suggests Focus Terms to include into their web content. The proprietary content score provides a benchmark for how likely the content is to rank above a competitor’s website in the search engine results pages.

With the content optimizer software, your SEO business can achieve better rankings for your clients. Some of the unique features of the tool include the following:

  • Import your webpage content directly from any website url
Linkgraph's SEO Content Optimizer
  • Optimize web content for up to 5 keywords
5 keyword targets
  • See which of your competitors are ranking in the SERPs and using similar focus terms
LinkGraph's SEO Content Optimizer
  • Include suggested focus terms to improve your Content Score
Focus Terms in LinkGraph's SEO Content Optimizer

For any digital agency that provides content strategy at scale, our landing page optimizer is one of the best SEO tools to save your agency resources and a lot of time. Collaborate with other members of your content creation team on the same projects and get your clients web content ranking faster.

#3: Keyword Explorer: Simplify Keyword Research and Keyword Analysis 

LinkGraph's Keyword Explorer Tool

The Keyword Explorer provides the accurate data that SEO agencies need to identify the right keywords for their clients’ SEO campaigns. Use the Keyword Explorer tool to find the best keywords, generate content ideas, or find related keywords for your keyword or topic clusters.

The Keyword Explorer tool includes key metrics such as:

  • Global search volume: Know how many users are searching for the keyword
  • Cost-per-click: Know what advertisers are paying to target the keyword in a PPC campaign
  • Organic Difficulty: Know how competitive it is to rank for the search query
  • Related keywords: Find alternative keywords or long-tail keywords with similar search intent
  • Subtopics & Autocompletes: See the related subtopics and autocompletes for the keyword
  • Questions: See what questions users are asking that have a semantic relationship to the target keyword

LinkGraph’s proprietary organic difficulty score helps SEO professionals and site owners identify more ranking opportunities. Keyword metrics like Ahrefs’ Keyword Difficulty focus too much on how the number of backlinks and referring domains influences your client’s website. Our organic difficulty score focuses more on content-quality signals like the word count, topical depth, and comprehensiveness of the content.

LinkGraph's Keyword Explorer Tool

Some SEO experts have come to over-rely on Ahrefs’ metric. But you don’t want your new clients missing out on high-value keyword opportunities and organic search traffic because your agency’s SEO metrics were off-base. Help your current clients get the potential customers they seek with more accurate, simple, and comprehensive keyword research.

#4: Bulk DA Checker: Check Domain Authority Scores for your Clients’ Link Building Campaigns

Bulk DA Checker

The Bulk DA Checker tool equips your in-house link building team to easily check the domain authority score for multiple websites. With this SEO tool, you can ensure your link building outreach and deliverables come from websites that bring a lot of value to your clients’ baclink profiles.

The Bulk DA checker allows you to see the following metrics for up to 10 websites at a time:

  • Domain authority score
  • Page authority score
  • Number of referring domains
  • Subdomain spam score

For those agency owners that do link building at scale, this SEO tool can save you time and help make link building research more simple. Test out the free version of our Bulk DA Checker tool to see how simple link building project management can be.

#5: The Backlink Analyzer: Complete Backlink Analysis for Off-Site SEO Strategy

The Backlink Analysis tool is a great tool for any  SEO agency that offers link building campaigns to their clients. Agencies can use the backlink analyzer to track backlinks, referring domains, and the anchor text distribution of their clients’ websites. Agencies can also compare those metrics to their clients’ top competitors.

Our backlink analysis tool can equip your team to:

  • Perform competitor analysis and benchmarking
  • Identify toxic backlinks and generate disavow text
  • Evaluate topical relevance of webpages in comparison to competitors
  • Use backlink intersect to identify link building outreach opportunities
  • Analyze anchor text distribution of your clients and their competitors
  • Understand link building gap between your clients and their competitors
Toxic Backlinks Distribution
Toxic Backlinks
Topical Relevance distribution
Topical Relevance
Anchor Text distribution
Anchor Text Distribution

When it comes to competitor research and competitive analysis, a backlink analyzer tool is integral to helping your clients see the necessity of an off-site SEO campaign.

In comparison to other SEO tools like Semrush and Moz, the LinkGraph backlink analyzer gives your agency a more holistic picture of any SEO issues with your client’s backlink profiles. It also provides interactive, valuable data visualizations. This helps your agency provide actionable insights to your clients on how they can take their website performance to the next level.

The Backlink Analyzer is a favorite SEO tool of many marketing professionals. It is a better way to visualize and evaluate your clients’ backlink data. Off-site strategy is an essential part of good SEO. Agency owners who want to offer more off-site solutions to site owners will benefit from the relevant information and data analysis of this valuable tool.

#6: Local Search Results: See Local SERP Results for any Geographic Location

Local Search Results tool

The Local Search Results tool is a useful tool for any marketing agency that provides local SEO strategy to local businesses or business owners. Simply type in the location, search term, and device. Then, see what searchers from that geographic region are seeing as the top-ranking SERP results.

SEO agencies often provide marketing strategy and search engine optimization services to clients from outside their geographic region. This basic but powerful tool helps provide quick insight into local competition for location-based search terms.

Why LinkGraph’s Suite of SEO tools is right for your SEO Agency

The right SEO platform or toolkit can have major benefits for a marketing agency. Improved workflow, detailed client reports, reliable data sources, and automation can save hours of work. It can also help you produce better results.

Successful digital marketing strategy has many moving parts. With LinkGraph SEO Insights, your agency can execute all of them more easily and all from a single platform.

Your SEO Agency can access a free trial to see why LinkGraph’s SEO Insights is one of the best SEO platforms available. Improve your clients SE ranking and visibility with the help of our platform. By doing so, you’ll improve your own agency revenue and client retention.

LinkGraph also provides white label SEO at scale. If there are SEO solutions that your agency would like to offer your clients, LinkGraph has you covered. We white label technical SEO, link building, content research and content creation. All of our white-label services come with monthly reports to which you can add your branding. Talk to one of our LinkGraph professionals to learn more.

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